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Matchmaking In General


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Is completely busted.


Host migration causes the mission to be impossible to complete most of the time if it doesn't kick you out as soon as the host leaves anyways. 


Try to host a void mission and everyone queues for the map you had tried to join previously so you have to restart your entire client.


Try to host a void and someone can't connect because you have strict nat issues and then you have to restart your client because it will always say your session is full.


Try to join a mission where you can't connect because of strict nat or whatever other problems that is and guess what. You have to either switch to solo or not play that mission because it will keep trying to match you with the same person over and over and over.


Can't join half the community for ambiguous reasons that support just ignores completely.


This isn't something that should "be on DE's plate of things to do" This should be the ONLY thing people should work on until it's fixed. I understand art designers can't really do anything but the team that does focus on bugs should put this as the number one priority.

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