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Post Your Best Weapons!


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Primary: I love shotguns so... for my the best weapon (Shotgun) is the famous "Strun Wraith"


Secundary: Twin Vipers (yeap the ammunition clip is low)


Melee: Fang (i love fastest melee weapons) / Gelatine (Yeah this melee weapon is brutal..)


Post yours!


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Best weapons?? nah.


Ill tell you which i enjoy using the most.


Bows (i love bows)

Hikou (that speed...)

Fang Prime (these animations..)

Soma/Hek/Boar Prime (i dont like shotguns, but that sound of "Hek in your face" in the morning.)

sVandal. (no need to explain...)

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Favorite loadout:


Against everything:


Loki with Boltor, Despair and Dual Zoren.


Against Infestation:


Ember with Ignis, Acrid and Dual Zoren.


Against Corpus:


Volt with, Synapse (if would just get it), Despair or Lex, Dual Zoren.


Against Grineer:


Frost (S) with Boltor, Despair and Fragor.


My arsenal is ready what about my enemies?

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