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Ability Interactions


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Hey guys,

I was thinking about how it was somewhat strange that out of all frames, only Loki and Trinity's abilities directly interact (Switch Teleport + Decoy for example, or Energy Vampire + Well of Life), and wanted to suggest a few ways to remedy this without actually making major changes to skills.


One glaring example of the potential of this is Nyx. At this point, every single skill Nyx has intercedes on the others in some way (ignoring whether said skills are effective or not), with Mind Control and Chaos not working together at all, and Psychic Bolts potentially killing of your Mind Controlled enemy, in addition to Absorb just doing its own thing not related to any other skill. A simple way to give these skills some interaction would be to have all enemies affected by Mind Control or Chaos automatically target Nyx when Absorb is active, and possibly to switch the target of Psychic Bolts to Nyx at the same time.


Another simple example, this time for Nova, would be to have Null Star automatically target an Antimatter Drop that was slowed, and to have Wormhole be able to transport the AD as well. Maybe even let Molecular Prime affect it.


On Banshee, Sound Quake could prevent enemies from getting up (comboing with Sonic Boom).


Anyway, just some thoughts. Feel free to comment, add, or criticize.

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