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A Compliment And A Complaint


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A healthy part of your balanced diet of feedback is both positive AND negative comments, so I've went and made one of both! :D




I LOVE the aura system. I may be a few months late on saying it, but it has only just recently REALLY shined for me, and proven it's extreme amount of worth. The extra mod capacity auras give is such a great boost, it's helped made a lot of frames I might not have kept too long into B.A. killing machines.


So yeah, you hit the nail on the head with the aura system.




Control sticking.


Now there's a LOT of things I could complain about, but for the most part, they've already been covered, or I know for a fact that it'll be fixed, OR it's not THAT bad. But this particular topic annoys me to the high heavens. Every so often, even if the host (which is often me) is a pretty good host (I'm a terrible host, but, as you know, lag rarely affects the host) and has a good connection, some of my controls stick. Namely, melee and rolling.

When I'm fighting the enemy and want to use my melee, but it sticks, I get frustrated. When I go to destroy a fan with my melee weapon, because I don't like to waste ammo on fans when a good charged blow breaks it, but it sticks, I get mad. When I try to roll to get a Latcher off, but can't, and it explodes, and, god forbid, I die/go down because of it, I blow my stack.


If this issue could be fixed, I would be extremely grateful.


So there you have it, a well-balanced feedback post :P

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