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try using the "Focused Nosam Cutter" from cetus to mine the red spots, i got all my thaumica using that tool, and remember that when you use it you don't have radar and is not silenced like the upgraded Sunpoint Plasma Drill from fortuna, but you will get more Thaumica from red spots and Necrathene from blue spots

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Atm this mineral is a bit bugged you get it from obelisks and caves. I'm not sure about the caves but I had some in caves that directly have vault likes tiles in them.

I would recommend using the sunpoint because:

- 1) it is more confy

- 2) you'll get a bit of rarer resources that you'll need for Otak tokens if you want to manually craft all the weapons(10 otak token = 1 grandmother token and 20 grandmother token = 1 glass stuff wich is needed for 3 weapons atm and possibly rank 5 or 6)

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Am 30.8.2020 um 02:17 schrieb rT_Aquaticz:

well i am using the focused nosam cutter, and its STILL NOT DROPPING, i even have a better drop rate booster (even though i diddn't want it, cause i had gotten it for free) 

You mean the blue booster? Those replace majority of ore veins into gem ones.. 

Since I had one of those on release and after I got more rare gems than thaumica :D :D almost picked another one today but decided to pick neurodes.. since it's not active anymore I'll try another farm of thaumica.. apparently the best way to get them is in caves (can't confirm it), crates in Deimos (got a couple this way, built almost everything so far.. so I think that cracking containers was my biggest income of thaumica..) and these weird shrines with the operator challenge or something.. idk, they barely work for me xD 

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I swear to god im losing my hair & going bald, i only have about one week before going back to work & i won't have time to grind then, SO instead of having fun i am wasting my vacation swearing at BROKEN PIECE OF SH§T drops that wont come & chasing poop to hunt animals that bugged out, then lose half of my resources duo to anohter bug, Sorry guys this is the first time & last time i will ever be present at an expansion  launch this is the kind of sh!t i rate 1/10 

i love warframe but i rather enjoy Destiny 2 over this crap (literally chasing poop to hunt animals) 

It's  a looter shooter not "Poop hunt" "Mining pointlessly" or "WarBugs"

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Serious question OP, do you have a resource chance booster equipped?

Edit: just read through and you do. That is literally why it's hard, I had the same issue. Thaumica is basically the Hesperon of Deimos, it drops from yellow ore veins and having a drop chance booster affects mining by increasing the amount of blue vein deposits in an area ergo it is decreasing your odds of find rare ore and increasing the odds of rare gems. I got my Thaumica from pillars and I got heaps that way but I'll be future proofing myself when my booster runs out by mining some more as well.

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