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Allow A Grace Period To Rejoin Games


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When a player disconnects from a game is it possible to allow them a period of 1-3 minute to rejoin the game without losing their loot (pick up where they left off) I am suggesting this as way to address in situations when the game client suddenly crashes and the player loses all his or her progress. Even more frustrating is when playing with a friend and one gets disconnected, the player is unable to rejoin the game with his friend because the the objective has been completed.


The idea is from my limited experience with Dota 2 where when a player gets disconnected from the game they have a minute or two to rejoin before they lose their spot in match.


Applied to Warframe, when a player joins they have a slot of the squad, if they get disconnected they have 1-3 minute grace period to rejoin the game, and also keep their progress even after mission objective is completed.


If the player not rejoined the game after the grace period their spot of the squad is revoked, and open for a new player while the mission objective has not been completed.

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Yes, that would be nice. Dota gives you 5 minutes to reconnect and the players can also pause the game to grand you a bit more time if needed.

I think it would be fair for Warframe too. Also, allow players who were in a session and got disconnected to join back, even if it is past the 5 waves in a defense, 5 mins in survival etc. when you can't invite others anymore.

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