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Quick Thinking



Everybody wants to drop that mod and I already have that mod but I don't really use it,my play style is invisbility,do I need to use it?I have 9 warframes but I only use Loki sometimes when I get bored or in defense mission I use ash.

I never die,unless +lv200 toxic ancients hits me.

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He's asking if it would benefit him at all.


If you're a careful player and you never really die, I wouldn't replace a beneficial mod that you're using now for it.

So I don't need to use it but in challenge defense mission I think it's a good mod against +200lv toxic ancients.Thanks mate.


You don't need to, but free revives.

I will think about it.

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I've found this mod to be so-so.

Great for standard missions, but useless in any high wave attempt or where you happen to get caught in the open. Need to also have good energy levels

Take too high damage (e.g. grineer units level 200+) and you will go down, or being surrounded. Not sure if its any better than simply equipping Redirection + Vitalaity and playing safer with a Trinity or Frost

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