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Banshee Or Nyx?



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Nyx is amazing at late game issues, Chaos being able to completely neutralise large groups infinitely, and absorb being an amazing stretch of invincibility when needed.

Banshee is a great stealth frame, with a possible 500% damage amplifier, a conal crowd control and a decent CC ultimate.

Nyx is the better choice in my opinion.

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Banshee has legitimate core issues.


Her Sonar is amazing for damage increases BUT the highlighting is crummy and can be hard to see.  The Radar effect is terrible and clogs the map with corpses and straight up wrong red dots.


Her Sound Quake is good but ends up as crummy. Its damage doesn't scale, the CC portion can be mimicked by almost every other frame. Its purpose just doesn't work well.


Silence is REALLY dumb.


And the other skill, the 180 degree shove is a gentle tap.


Nyx has a scaling ultimate, her Chaos is extremely useful at all levels, etc etc.  Nyx is a hard scaling frame. Banshee is not.

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I like nyx better but the banshee is very useful too. Her first and ultimate powers make for great Cc and sonar is fun for the whole team (especially on bosses)

nyx is better for defense as chaos diverts enemies' attention away from  you and the pod and absorb can be used to protect the pod or draw enemies away

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