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Archie's Spacejunk Emporium (Sale and Trade)

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Welcome to Archie's Spacejunk Emporium, where YOU set the price! That's right y'all, I ain't here to gouge you for all you're worth. Here at Archie's, we're primarily interested in helping out those who're a little light on both plat and time. And if you don't have plat, don't worry about it. We also accept trade. And hey, if you see someone asking for something I don't have and you're of a similar mind, go ahead and make them an offer! As long as it's in the same spirit of helping others, I don't mind others working out trades here.

A note before buying or trading: Make sure you know about the practical value of a mod BEFORE you buy or trade. I can't guarantee that I'll be able to refund a regretted purchase or trade, so be sure to do your research before trading. And if I have a bunch of something, consider an item trade instead of plat. I will accept most trades.

On with the Catalog!

Warframe mods


Armored Agility x14

Coaction Drift x3

Constitution x4

Continuity x18

Endurance Drift x1

Enemy sense x7

Firewalker x5

Fleeting Expertise x1

Flow x76

Fortitude x15

Growing Power x1

Handspring x6

Icespring x8

Intensify x34

Lightning dash x6

Master Thief x21

Narrow Minded x3

Natural Talent x19

Pain Threshold x14

Power Drift x2

Quick Thinking x9

Rage x8

Rapid Resilience x1

Reflex guard x64

Retribution x10

Shock Absorbers x8

Stealth Drift x1

Streamline x50

Streamlined Form x9

Surefooted x7

Tek Collateral x1

Toxic Flight x5

Transient Fortitude x3

Vigor x6

Primary Weapon Mods


Accelerated Blast x13

Adhesive Blast x9

Argon Scope x4

Arrow Mutation x34

Blaze x4

Breach Loader x1

Burdened Magazine x3

Chilling Reload x6

Combustion Beam x22

Crash Course x1

Critical Delay x2

Firestorm x9

Flux Overdrive x11

Frail Momentum x1

Frigid Blast x5

Hell's Chamber x40

Hunter Track x10

Kinetic Ricochet x25

Malignant Force x5

Metal Auger x33

Nano Applicator x2

Napalm Grenades x1

Narrow Barrel x2

Piercing Caliber x1

Ravage x35

Rifle Ammo Mutation x24

Scattering Inferno x1

Seeking Force x18

Seeking Fury x9

Shotgun Ammo Mutation x34

Shred x13

Split Chamber x30

Stabilizer x32

Tactical Reload x1

Tainted Mag x3

Tainted Shell x3

Target Acquired x5

Tether Grenades x14

Thermite Rounds x5

Thunderbolt x78

Toxic Barrage x8

Vicious Spread x2

Vigilante Supplies x1

Vile Precision x3

Vital Sense x39

Wild Frenzy x1

Wildfire x10

Secondary Weapon Mods


Anemic Agility x4

Barrel Diffusion x26

Bore x1

Concealed Explosives x7

Frostbite x2

Hollow Point x4

Ice Storm x12

Lethal Torrent x10

Magnum Force x2

Pistol Ammo Mutation x20

Pistol Pestilence x9

Pressurized Magazine x2

Scorch x4

Seeker x16

Steady Hands x75

Strafing Slide x1

Stunning Speed x25

Tainted Clip x5

Thermagnetic Shells 16

Melee Weapon Mods


Amalgam Furax Body Count x1

Berserker x4

Collision Force x3

Condition Overload x2

Corrupt Charge x1

Covert Lethality x2

Drifting Contact x10

Energy Channel x71

Focus Energy x7

Guardian Derision x5

Healing Return x2

Heavy Trauma x43

Jagged Edge x4

Life strike x11

Maiming Strike x2

Power Throw x107 (Trash mod trades only please, I don't feel comfortable charging plat for this)

Quickening x2

Rending Strike x14

Spoiled Strike x2

Static Discharge x15

Sundering strike x61

Vicious Frost x1

Virulent Scourge x14

Volcanic Edge x4

Voltaic Strike x2

Whirlwind x7



Astral Twilight x8

Atlantis Vulcan x9

Bleeding Willow x6

Blinding Justice x40

Brutal Tide x4

Burning Wasp x36

Carving Mantis x1

Clashing Forest x5

Cleaving Whirlwind x12

Coiling Viper x12

Crimson Dervish x7

Crossing Snakes x55

Crushing Ruin x10

Decisive Judgement x17

Defiled Snapdragon x10

Eleventh Storm x4

Final Harbinger x9

Flailing Branch x6

Fracturing Breaking Wind x270 (Seriously, don't buy this, it's everywhere. If you need it that bad, I only accept trash mods for it)

Gaia's Tragedy x16

Gemini Cross x50

Gleaming Talon x1

Gnashing Payara x9

Grim Fury x85

High Noon x4

Homing Fang x23

Iron Phoenix x2

Malicious Raptor x19

Pointed Wind x5

Reaping Spiral x98 (Again, trash mods only if you absolutely need this)

Rending Crane x18

Seismic Palm x11

Shattering Storm x6

Shimmering Blight x92 (trash mod trades only)

Sinking Talon x41

Slicing Feathers x1

Sovereign Outcast x3

Spinning Needle x91

Stalking Fan x8

Stinging Thorn x4

Sundering Wave x265 (Trash mod trades only)

Swirling Tiger x39

Swooping Falcon x2

Tempo Royale x1

Tranquil Cleave x5

Twirling Spire x2

Vermilion Storm x1

Vulpine Mask x19

Archgun Mods (because you can deploy them in regular missions now)


Automatic Trigger x26

Combustion Rounds x1

Comet Blast x1

Dual Rounds x3

Electrified Barrel x10

Hollowed Bullets x13

Magazine Extension x9

Modified Munitions x1

Parallax Scope x7

Polar Magazine x3

Quick Reload x1

Resolute Focus x2

Rubedo-Lined Barrel x6

Shell Rush x5

Venomous Clip x15

Zodiac Shred x1

Robotic Companion Mods (Model specific mods excluded)


Animal Instinct x7

Coolant Leak x6

Fired Up x32

Medi-pet Kit x25

Sanctuary x18

Self Destruct x4

Shield Charger x19

Beast Companion Mods (May be some overlap with Robotic; Breed-specific mods excluded)


Animal Instinct x7

Hunter Command x13

Medi-Pet Kit x25

Catalog will be updated as trades happen.

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