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Killing Lephantis.



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Anyone have tips on killing Lephantis? I want a quick assassination.

There aren't any real tips besides shoot at the pink spots. Rhino may help as Rhino Stomp can increase the time you have to shoot at it. Iron Skin helps ignore the poison damage but besides that there's no real "tips". You may want to bring ammo mutation mods since you will be tight on ammo without them. I found full auto hitscan weapons are the best since you don't have to deal with travel time but that's just my personal preference. Edited by jrkong
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Frost also works for slowing it.

Slows down the invulnerability phases too, no matter how you time it.

It'll make weak points easier to hit and attacks easier to dodge, but it'll also make the battle much more drawn-out. It's basically "playing it safe" rather than making the run more efficient by any substantial amount.

Unless you get a duration-decreasing mod specifically for this purpose.

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