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I had no issues with it...

Are you using the lures?

Equip the tranq rifle, select the avichaea lure, fly to one of the nodes and run the same conservation mission as every other creature.

Or are you saying you had trouble finding it once you summoned it with the lure? These things fly and stick to walls. You can use your tranq rifle to see them highlighted (similar to synthesis scanner, they blink every few seconds while zoomed in).

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il y a 41 minutes, Ocerkin a dit :

this isnt a "oh they are good at hiding and blending in" this is a they spawn inside objects and you spend 40 minutes trying to find something you cant get to because its bugged

Pretty muich this; first try ever, in that cerebrm struct, never found the avichavea, I had a glowing mark in my traqn zoom.Ended up cancelling and renter the map. so with your comment I gues it spawned stuck in the decor. Not a very good first impression. Other spots on the map were very problematic but the one near the huge structure/cave near the edge of map is bad.

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