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Umm, Livestream Related?


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is there a way i can see the whole livestream with user comments? kinda want to see users reactions on the little clip they showed with picking sides :3

I was there. It was one third silent shock, one third My Body Is Ready to whatever that is, one third asking relevant questions about the event. And 3 thirds forgot that Heavy Caliber introduces another random mechanic to the game, in our aiming no less, and forgot that while it was stated the Boar didnt fit the art style so was removed we have a recently released Boar Prime. Also forgot that more than half of the player base hs serious problems enjoying the game because of connection issues.


Sorry for the sour tone, but I as much as I try, I cant get happy about this event or the way it was announced. Not when there were many issues the players were looking to hear plans for. And not when I am offered the chance to fight for factions that are disassembling other Tenno while we bleed for them. The roleplayer in me just cant accept such a blatant plot hole.

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