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What The New Tutorial Needs.


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The current tutorial in game is lack luster and not nearly informative enough for player. DE noted that they realized this is livestream 16.

So I was thinking... Does DE know what to teach new players??? Probably but I have tried to teach others how to play by standing over their shoulder and telling them how to do stuff and that should be what the Lotus is doing to the newly awaked tenno.

So the current tutorial is good how to move and stuff and choosing your warframe.

Then teach the new player how to navigate the star chart.

"If you click on a system it will zoom in and show you nodes. These nodes are each a different mission you can choose to complete.*Fly through the planets showing them nodes*

Click on Mercury now." *highlight mercury* 

"Now you can see the nodes on mercury"

"Click and drag and you will be able to change your view to a different system." 

*Prompt moving to Venus then Earth and then back to Mercury with click and drag*

"Highlighting a node will show you the mission type and the faction you will be facing at this node" have the player highlight a node

"Click on a node to begin a mission" *highlight a node and have the player click on it* 

Then have the player do a very simple 40 grineer exterminate that teaches how to use parkour and use the mini-map with prompting. 

Teach the player what being locked out means and the perks/downfalls of being detected.

Teach the player about lockers and about storage containers and about resources/ammo.

Have a set enemy drop a mod (serration is always a good starter mod) and have it drop not on you and tell the player to get it and then describe what mods are. Have a few others drop cores or get them as a mission reward to level up the serration.

Then tell the player when he/she complete the mission what rewards are were leveling up shows and what it means on the mission reward panel. *make sure you get the starting rifle to level 4 at least for training purposes*

Have the Lotus give the player credits(50000) then teach them how to use the mod system by first equipping the mod on their rifle and then upgrading it with cores  try to get to level 5 (must have enough cores for this) and tell them what that prompt means.

Then have them equip the 1st ability mod on their warframe and upgrade it with the cores.

Then teach them how to buy things in the market both BP's and full weapons. Say things about mastery locked and sentinals.

*I would give the player enough platinum to make the player spend a small amount on something in the market (some sort of gear) to learn how to use platinum and use some more to rush something and then teach the player how to buy slots for warframes and weapons and make sure he/she still start with 50 platinum*

Then build a blueprint in the foundry and have them rush it with platinum. *must be a weapon to teach the player how to equip new weapons*

Then teach the player how to equip the new weapon. 

Then teach the player how to color their warframe and stuff. 

Then the final thing should be to teach the player the WAR-DEX(codex) and how to use it and the purpose of the teeno/grineer/infested/corpus.

That should sum up the tutorial and then the player will be told

"You are now prepared. Go forth and restore the balance"

TL:DR Make a new tutorial above is ideas of how to do it.

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