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Draggable Appearance Request

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At the moment you can drag the A B C appearance slots.

It would be useful, if we could drag the Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Accents, Emissive and Energy colors around.

The reason for this, is that often times we copy colors between warframes and other elements (Attachments, syandana, weapons etc.) but two colors will be swapped around or simply look better in another way. Instead of going in, picking the opposites for both, it'd be useful to simply drag and swap.

Since there are dual colors on emissive and energy, you can limit it to the first choice and let the second choice remain the same as it was, to avoid complication. Between emissive and energy, you could let both be swapped, if two slots are available for both.

Easy peasy, yes?

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I would like to be able to color each attachment separate from each other so 5 different color templates each corresponding to one piece of attachment. Some attachment color sets don't go well when they are stuck on a template together. I also would like to be able to color the helmet separate from the rest of the body sometimes. 

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