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Lua - Stofler - Defense (Floor didn't drop out, so objective below us failed.)

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Lua - Stofler: Defense
Something goofed at the beginning of the 2nd rotation, where the floor drop out trigger didn't occur.

The party and I, along with the original (now antiquated) defense objective remained on the top level.
When the defense point started taking damage with no enemies to be seen on the second rotation, naturally one has to wonder:
'Where are the enemies? What is damaging the defense? Why is the defense not receiving any of my healing?'

A party member pointed out the (new/real) defense objective was now 'technically' a floor beneath us, but the floor remained, and we didn't get to drop in.
The 2nd rotation objective beneath us (where it/we would have 'fallen to') existed, began, and was destroyed by the spawns in an unreachable floor below the party.

Anyways, I hope that's an easy fix. Thanks for your time, have a good'n, and best of luck.

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