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Any ideas for other forms of open world farming

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You can get a lot of resources from the isolation vaults (all fishing parts and mining gems and ores drop from them) as well as the pillars. The pillars are different for what each one does, but shoot the thing in the middle with your amp, then shoot the enemies with your amp and hope you got a good pillar, if you did, you get resources for every enemy you kill with your amp near the pillar.

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Tangentally related, in the next open worlds, i hope they dont add more unique minerals to mine, or fish parts from cutting fish. Some new additions for themeing, sure, but re-use some of the more common ones.

As for open world farming, I think what we have now is fine, but they could add more ways to get resourses. For example, the now gone game Firefall had a great game that could be cribbed:

Imagine having on your hotbar a 'deploy extractor' gadget. You place it, it drops an extractor by you. This mines for you, getting you resourses. But it draws increasing waves of enemies. It lasts 5min, giving a higher chance of rare resourses the longer it runs. What would also be cool is if it changed what you could get depending on the surface you drop it on. Rocks = more minerals, Grass / Dirt = More plants, Water = more fish.

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17 minutes ago, (XB1)ToothHarp12 said:

new ways to get open world recources 

It's in the game from the time the update dropped - the artifacts drop rare ones when activated by amp and you kill the mobs with an amp.
I didn't mine or fish a single time and I have plenty of all this way,
Conservation is fastest when you free roam with the tranq, but it's still annoying. 

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23 minutes ago, (XB1)ToothHarp12 said:

does anyone have any ideas for new ways to get open world recources

yes, a few that don't require seperate systems and are focused around what warframes are supposed to be good at; mass killing.

- create marked dig sites on the map, and then use a gear item to deploy an extractor. the longer you defend it, the more it digs up. defend it from enemies until it is either destroyed or hits a time limit, then there's a cooldown (to prevent people getting way too many resources at once)

- add storage vaults or Convoys to the map. break into the vaults and ambush the convoys, kill everyone, fend off reinforcements, then take their bounty.

- bring back treasury ships, but as Railjack missions: these ships would contain huge sums of credits, open world resources and more. take out the escorts, disable the ship's engines, jump on board, clear the decks, and fend off reinforcements whilst the loot is moved to your railjack. once enough or all loot is secured, make your escape. combat would involve fighters, crewships and boarding parties.

there's a ton of different ways we could be robbing our enemies, pulling off co-ordinated raiding missions but instead we are running around with fishing spears, tranq rifles and mining cutters. we have magic powers, rapid movement and the perfect skills for thieving, including invisibility, and insane weapons, we should be the greatest thieves in the history of mankind, so why not start acting like it?


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