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Random thought: Predasites were Kavats, Vulpaphylas were Kubrows

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Okay, even if Predasites use Kubrow mods and Vulpaphylas use Kavat mods, I like to think that in reality, Predasites are evolved Kavats, while Vulpaphylas are mutated Kubrows. And they evolved/mutated to the the point that their builds and behaviors are swapped entirely.

And I have some extra theories that dig deeper into this.


While it might be a bit of a stretch, Predasites look more like big cats then a canine of any sort, mainly with their face shape looking like that of a lion or tiger. Their default tail is interestingly long and fan-shaped, quite similar to the fan-shaped tails of Kavat variants. 

Then there is the lore that Kavats live in Infested areas and even feed on the Infestation, explaining why they are only found in Deimos/Derelict, and about how the Grineer specifically tamed them as Hyekkas to combat the Infestation.

Thus, my theory is that as Kavats are predators of Infestation, in a Infested world like the Cambion Drift, Kavats thrived and gradually evolved to become more aggressive and stronger, changing the lithe and evasive Kavats to muscular and aggressive Predasites that are better suited to hunting and fighting Infested head on. 

But as Predasites are technically not the apex predators of the Cambion Drift due to the even more monstrous Infested, Predasites still have to be wary about threats, thus explaining their descriptions of being 'flighty' in the codex.


As their name suggests, Vulpaphylas derive their name from Vulpes AKA foxes, which are from the Canine family, thus hinting that even in-universe, Vulpaphylas are perceived more as canines rather then felines.

As for their body shape compared to a Kubrow, well, even the well-known Infested Kubrow, the Helminth Charger, has a very skinny body shape. 

Speaking of Infested Kubrows, compared to Predasites, Vulpaphylas look like something that had been mutated more by Infestation rather then being a form that had evolved naturally, which brings me to my theory on the origin on Vulpaphylas.

Unlike Kavats, Kubrows never tried to live with Infested or hunt Infested naturally, so its very likely that unlike Kavats, Kubrows can't do much against the Infested, which would make them easy prey to the Infested, and in turn, easier victims to the Infestation mutation.

So in the Cambion Drift, while Kavats/Predasites thrived, Kubrows struggled, and due to a mix of natural selection and Infested mutation, the once muscular and aggressive Kubrows became the lithe and evasive Vulpaphylas who are predominantly scavengers, most likely taking the scraps of what the Predasites hunted. 

The 'Devolution' mods of the Vulpaphylas might even be a survival mechanic that they picked up, returning to their larval state whenever killed just so that the Vulpaphyla has another chance of eking out an existence in the Cambion Drift.

This is all theory, but I find it interesting to muse about nonetheless as I always had an interest in evolutionary biology. And it is always interesting to see how 'conventional animal roles' can easily be scrambled depending on what kind of ecosystem is presented. With a mix of 'terrifying mutating techno-virus' thrown in.

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