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Dojo Bug.


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So i was in the clan's Dojo, trying the side walk on a wall and trying to cancel it with "Ctrl", then after i did this i entered a black area, i can't see anything but can see that i was able to move, then suddenly i fell down and died!

And instantly re-spawned here...

NOTE: I was NOT close to this room., it's far as hell from me o.o




Then i walked a bit, fell down to hell or something, kept falling for 2 minutes until the game crashed. ?!


This is how i was falling, looking to where i was standing:



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Where/which wall was it exactly did you wallrun across? It might be a hole in the map. A picture of which wall/pillar/object in which room and what direction/angle you wallrun on could probably help the level designer guys patch the hole out.


It is impossible to know :\ 

you know those 4 door hallways, it was one of them.

Can't remember :\

EDIT: oh and it was a side run. Horizontal.

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