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[Question]Nighttime Version Of Planetary Nodes


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We've seen from the sneak peak on new event that DE created at least a night time version of what looks to be a planetary Corpus outpost. I'm super happy about that because I love playing games with day/night cycles in them, however simple they might be.


Could you map devs let a few more details slip, such as whether or not these nighttime versions will become a permanent addition, or if we will be able to experience other tilesets featuring open air tiles(phobos, future jungle earth) in their nocturnal state as well?


I'm excluding the Corpus gas city since it can't really have a nighttime as sunlight doesn't travel through the thick atmosphere of the gas giant. If you'd want to be super picky about it, one could add a slightly color corrected "daylight" version of it to simulate a city on the far side of Jupiter where the atmosphere isn't illuminated by direct sunlight. You know, like the random lighting presets seen sometimes on Corpus ship tiles with windows.

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