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Sentinal Commands.


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Not too sure how to go about this. More so seeing what you all think.

What would be a good way to utilize making sentinals a little more then just a following gun man.

Maybe f1 to f4 keys having commands like f1 being position sentinal where crosshair is aiming on screen. Or making shades cloak a dome of invisibility. That way you could send your sentinal to a downed squad mate and any squad mates that go to revive him get cloaked when they enter the dome. Just make it so you can't shoot or anything while inside the dome. 

Or placing your battle Wyrm at a vantage point with say stinger for sniping or sweeper for mass damage on enemies running to maybe the pod on defence. 

Being able to toggle your sentinals auto attack. 

Just adding this before going to sleep in case I forget, please add your opinions. Cheers.

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having to control the shades ability is not really a good idea. 


example shade: It would defeat both ash and lokis invisibility ability.


though I like the position commands though.

I don't personally see it defeating them as I don't exactly mean activating it on commant. If Shade is following you it can still do its normal thing. But say your ally went down. Being able to make him invisible and any ally that runs up to him to revive him also invisible without any way of attacking (un like Loki or Ash) Or have it so it will only cloak them within the globe if an enemy is near to where the shade is positioned I see being a fair way to just make them that little bit more of a utility instead of everyone just using them for battle. 

Opens up more possibilities for future sentinals. Like say if they made a melee sentinal, instead of it just attacking ememies coming close to you. Being able to send him away and show under where you are locating him a circle that his attack radius is. Or tag an ememy for him to charge and attack. Or using a sentinal as a distraction if say you are not running Loki with decoy or Saryin with molt. To attract agro away from yourself or squad mates.

Also maybe showing your Sentinals health and shields some where like how you can bring up your squad mates info.

And again this was just an off the top of my head idea. It would definitely need improving in ways and changes. I thank you for your imput :)

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Being able to toggle the auto-attack, I would love to see this implemented.  There have been many times where I've wanted to switch off my Sent's attack.  Sometimes for something silly like being able to meet a challenge requirement (get 30 kills, etc.), or if there is a section where I need to stealth just for that bit.

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