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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.6

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Thanks for the hotfix.

Can you please make the Cambrian Drift map easier to deal with? For example could you show on the map which cave entrances are connected to which cave systems?

Currently trying to get some fish, and it's very frustrating when I go to a cave that turns out to have nothing in it, then go to a different cave that turns out to connect to the exact same cave I was in. Most caves on this map connect to each other and it would be nice to have clear indication which ones belong to which cave system.

Also, can we get a fix for the Necralisk entrance when coming back from Cambrian Drift? 99% of the time flying into the entrance with archwing will result in an awkward stagger that just slows down extraction for no reason.

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Thank you for the necramech fixes



A bit unrelated, but can we get a few information about the forum UI changes?
Some options/button placements are really weird and not intuitive and the dark theme is still kinda broken and some texts are barely visible.

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Thank you for fixing codex entries.
any chance the vapos condroc dropship entries can get looked at? they have been bugged for over a year now :c

Edit: it seems the codex is unchanged after this patch
none of the wildlife shows up, not any of their call points or poopy
unless the patch was adding the 8 deimos enemies that showed in simulacrum but didn't seem to spawn anywhere

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hace 20 minutos, [DE]Megan dijo:

Added HUD timers to Vauban’s Minelayer grenades. 

Thanks for this! AMAZING QOL change!

Could we have a switch option to keep attachments and Syandana when using Xaku's 4th skill? I love how it looks when all armor is on.

PLEASE fix Exodia Contagion. Or at least give us some acknowledgment to let us know if this is a bug or a nerf as so many are saying for these past hotfixes.

PS: Also please give us a reason to get Entrati to Family rank. Currently there's no meaningful rewards for spending a Seriglass Shard to rank it up.

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Thanks :)
Can you plz decide whether Xaku Ult is a Toggle OR One Cast Ability???
It has a Duration and the base 100 Enbergy Cast cost PLUS a Energy over time Consumption. That Design is horrible. We had it long enough on Ember Ult in the past. Now Xaku? C'mon thought you have learned from your mistakes.

Oh and plz let Fetch work while in Necramech :P

And get rid off of Stamina on the Necramech. We are not in Update 16 anymore where WF had Stamina bars. It's a totally outdated mechanic! Especially in open Worlds where stamina makes a huge impact on your parcour movement. It disrupts the gameplay flow and feels clunky

Oh and the Vome and Fass Residue are still unaffected by Boosters and Charm Buff!!!

I still dislike the Forum Changes :) AGAIN Wasted Space and the topics are sometime hard to read bc of bad spacing visibility


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Remove invulnerability phases for enemies and add actual game mechanics. Borrow ideas from MMORPGs or Dark Souls.
Add custom crosshairs. Sometimes you can't even see the crosshair.
Nightwave UI blocks the settings when trying to tweak them.
Turn the free roam maps into dedicted servers to simulate MMORPG experience.

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DE: People keep rushing our content.

Finally adds something that cant be rushed and make people take their time with the content. There was your 44 days of player retention guaranteed.

Also DE: Now u can rush subsuming.

Scratch that, 1 day of player retention it is.


No changes in the resources either, i guess you guys like the headache, because when lower MR people get their hands on the system you will get one from all the complaints.

Btw, flowers still not fixed: 39c93e91c867830dcc8cb9b3e5bec322.jpg

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