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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.6

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1 hour ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed Isolation Vault Necramech Damage resistance not applying to Clients.

I get that it's an unintended problem and needs to be fixed, but was it really better to fix this first rather than address the issue with enemy Necramechs (Storm Shroud having very low cooldown and starting from ability's cast rather than uts depletion, as well as the lingering invisible slow)?

And while you're at it, please consider reducing the timers for the various sections in the vault bounties: stage 1 should be reverted to 1m, stage 2 is just 3 long minutes of boredom killing infested copiously (if they spawn anyways), in phase 3 Loid/Otak goes waaay too slow and takes forever to get it from and to the vault.

In general it takes up to 10m per vault assuming the squad know what they're doing. This means players have to engage with it at least 30 minutes straight, assuming they can remain in the session, just for a *very small chance* that something drops.

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Ayy! Another fix! I don't have a Necramech yet, still grinding the drops and I've received exactly zero of the "damaged" parts still.

On the topic of Deimos, Helminth, Necramech:

-- Why are we getting "Rush" for Helminth and not reduced resource costs? It'd be significantly less predatory and more player entry friendly if the resource costs were lowered and also more consistent.
-- Why do Loid and Father contribute so little to "how much we can actually do" on Deimos? For Necramechs, I think Loid should sell Necramech mods and possibly more Necramech parts and weapons. I feel like Loid's lack of buy-variety is intentionally limited since his standing level cap only reaches three stages unlike the usual five stages; here's to hoping Loid gets two more and some extra things to sell.
-- So yeah, why doesn't Father have a more versatile weapon contribution? For weapons, I feel like Deimos is severely lacking; Fortuna has Zuud, Cetus has HOK "MASTER CRAFTSMAN," but Deimos gets nothing custom (except the mechs). That being said, why not allow us to take existing Infested weapons (Hema, Scoliac, etc.), fiddle around with their biology and chemistry, implant them with cool stuff, make them into mutated/evolved Infested weapons? At the very least, if not "Frankinfested's Monster" weapons, why not give Father more mods to sell?
-- Also I'd be a happy lady if we got an explanation on Exodia Contagion and Epidemic, I still have no clue what in the heck is going on. Contagion feels like it was nerfed but I have never even seen changes to it. Epidemic could be my graphics on my aging computer not registering it, but I don't see the cascading shockwave anymore (I'll fiddle around after this, probably nothing).
-- And another thing, it's not a need, but since we're in the business of QOL changes from time to time, why not Custom UI for our HUD? You know what I like? Nostalgia. Oh, and custom HUD. Some days, I actually miss the classic "bee-doop" comms noise, sometimes I miss the old HUD placements for Health/Energy, Weapon Ammo, etc. (even if the current case is better), and you know, having custom coloration and shaping for our crosshairs (and yes, the weapon ammo, comms noise+display, health, etc.) would be nice, even if I have to grind (or buy) plat for it.
-- Back on track for Deimos, Infested, Necramechs, etc., from what I've read, heard, seen, Necramechs have either too few mods, too many mod slots, and/or something off about mod drain. I've seen the complaint/request more than once, so Hek it, I'm on the bandwagon for this request too. I'm putting my vote on pro-mods, especially like, Mech Augments so we have a future of further Necramech diversity.
-- One last thing, regarding our wonderful golden corn-on-the-cob with limbs, sometimes I genuinely feel like the airborne Melee just doesn't work or the grounded Melee just doesn't work-- it's never both, it's just one or the other if the problem occurs.

Okay, the typing is over, corn dog time.

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grammar check, the usual thing, really...
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1 minute ago, Keyhound said:

yep, by the way, im not saying this to discredit anyone, i belive you guys are having login problems, im just saying i got in no prob as soon as the update dropped.

I know, but im trying to find the problem. At first i thought it was a Steam-Warframe thing, seems that's not the case.

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1 minute ago, KillerXDIZ said:

I know, but im trying to find the problem. At first i thought it was a Steam-Warframe thing, seems that's not the case.

Yea, It looks like a server connect thing. The first thing I get in the logs generated is a 403. I wonder if they are just restarting servers and only have a certain amount of capacity

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So they're not going to revert back the bait defense timer? Dayum, keep on the good work, devs. 

Please, create more mission/bounty type that doesn't have anything related with timer, please.

Excav - timer, defense - timer, mob def - timer, interception - timer. Innovate or if you can't, maybe copy other games' mission type, will you?

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27 minutes ago, Parcialsobriedad said:

cannot complete last stage of second iso vault bounty , stuck in this objective and it seemed like we had to go back to an opened vault to complete second stage.

Plus cant enter archwing after exiting the leech tentacle thing that gets you fron the vault to the outside part of deimos. Happens when im not hosting.


So i tried the bounty again and when entering the vault as not a host i would enter a kill zone , the same type as if you fell out of the map and that might cause the aw launcher to not work

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11 minutes ago, Keyhound said:

 mr isnt perfect, but its the closest thing the game has to show people's experience with the game. which is the biggest problem of setting it with such a low mr.

Sure yeah there's a natural curve of MR to playtime in the game, but I am currently MR23 after starting early january of 2015 for the first time according to Steam screenshots, but there are a lot of way higher MR players who have played after many many many many changes to the game, and sure it's unrealistic to farm MR without going through the game, but it's still a lot of opportunities and boosters naturally missed depending on player.

And imo if you really wanted to be sure with a system like this that breaks all the before known rules of Warframes for years it should've been like a MR30 prize or something really. Minimum 17 at least to finally raise the meaning of having higher than 16MR

And really Helminth would've been best to be left on the design table because it opens so many balancing issues later on.

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