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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.6

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Hi thanks very much for the fixes.

i wanted to make a comment regarding melee swing effects. it seems like the effect goes beyond the blade of the weapon on every heavy weapon. so there is a random line and trail of energy on an ax that is beyond the blade and floating in mid air. 

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There is an insane bug with Xaku that when you kill an ennemy the half right of the screen go blurry, making it nearly impossible to play.

I've tried different weapons and it all ends the same way.

Please fix it ASAP, I was really happy to finally have Xaku after all that farm, and can't play it because of that.

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Il y a 7 heures, Alphas a dit :

Thanks for the update.  Can we get a fix for Thaumica drop rates?

Go mine in iso vault you can do the 1st one solo pretty easy

You can also try escaping the enemie nechra mech or fight him kinda fun tobmine will a slaugther robot is trying to kill ya

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Theres a bug withe the necramech and umbra. If you directly transfer from umbra to mech, umbra wont move. And if you go from mech directly to umbra we just get stuck and cant do much more. Always gotta use the op in between

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Weakened animals were added to the popup too. It's 2x more annoying than you have announced. Also they don't really work.

Well, at least animals are useful unlike most other resources with popup bunner. Both railjack and Deimos ones. So if we had only Argon Crystals, animals and necramech part (like warframe blueprints), it would be tolerable.

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7 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

We’re working on a script to find the missing flowers and their respective colors! We’ll update this thread when the script has started - don’t worry, your flowers are not lost! 

Oh good. Since I still have no Nezha Flower i thought in my case there would be no memory of that subsume.

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Thanks, you addressed the thing I hated the most, waiting 44 days to be able to experiment.

As an experienced player I do not care much about the helminth cost. I've powerleveled the helminth and subsumed every frame I could until yesterday and the only resource I'm lacking of is bile which is fine as it gives me a reason to go and farm something.

I suppose that players with less hours in game may find difficult to feed the helminth and I truly believe that there should be some more options on each category or railjack resources should be required in less quantity.

However I find the community being too alarmist about this, I have never checked the forums and reddit until the nerf of some subsumable abilities was announced, is it always like that?


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8 hours ago, kuryux said:

Nice! plz consider taking a look at the following issues:

- Subsequent vault bounties not being t2 and t3 as expected

Did you go to different Mothers outside, when you go to different ones you will then see the Level go up of the Vault.

7 hours ago, Lord_Babadook said:

Grandmother need's to be 10 token's for Seriglass Shard not 20 plz

Just farm them, I've got 4 so far after ranking up and building all weapons, done it all solo, could buy another three but don't need them yet. p.s I also don't have a life. :P 


DE could you please look at the below, none are registering as done when I know I've done Bug Out Ride, Jugger-Not.

The new Challenges are not registering being done, Bug Out Ride, Jugger-Not and Kill It With Fire.

Xaku 4th skill The Vast Untime explosion not working on Deimos Tendril Drone they still stay attached to your face/head thought the explosion might have thrown them off or kill them.

p.s the forums also look way better in dark mode now after the forum update.


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Let's offer some thanks for bug fixing....


Now that we're through that, let's talk about what is still goofy.  


It's 5000 standing and 10 son tokens to gild a pet....the same cost as at launch, despite the tokens being bumped up to 500 from 100.  Why not just charge the 10000 standing rather than try to obfuscate this?  If not that, drop the cost of gilding to 2 tokens.  Right now I'm sitting on pets because 10k standing is not viable when the Vulpaphlyes have 2 abilities each, and one of them is the same amongst all three. 

Scintillant.  You label the reward as rare and common in their respective bounties.  What this really means is not common, but part of the lowest tier reward.  Basically, you cannot earn the thing as you progress, and it's actual chance of dropping is between 3% and 8%.  That's really misleading, and observing your actual drop tables explains that quite well.  It's pretty sneaky to pull those types of shenanigans.

The Cortege.  It's interesting.  I got it, and it can be upgraded.  Great, so I clicked to upgrade and it asks me to install a gravimag....fine.  I then discover that it installed both the catalyst and the gravimag.  Bug, feature, or something else?  It's new for an archgun.  

Seriglass Shards are obviously just a miserable way to extend grind.  It's functionally adding 20*1500=30000 standing to each and every items that requires them.  That's one rank up, 2 guns, and the signature weapon of your shiny new frame.  A signature weapon requiring 5 Scintillant already.  I know that you don't have content, and have extended this open world with painful grind, but come on.  Just delay the thing for another two weeks and give us something worth having.  We're a week in and the only thing I'm really capable of seeing as a fair grind is the pets.  Only one of their components needs to be good (health type), and the rest is actually all just set dressing for pets that can revive like Djinn.  It doesn't matter if the mechs are cool, when it takes 9 blue prints to make 3 pieces of content.


The Helminth

So, bile is a joke.  I'm going to continue to highlight that the price of certain railjack resources is garbage.  Garbage as in an extra 0 too much, for a player that has completed all of it.  Lord knows what any new player is going to think when they have 4-9 units drop from an eximus unit and they then see they need 10k for a single feeding.  That's a huge turn off, and needs to be fixed.

So it seems like the wiki is doing your job for you.  They've listed out all of the subsuming costs, and the subsequent costs to apply abilities from frames.  Some of them seem to be designed for a Korean MMO instead of warframe.  I really, really, really, hate Zephyr's Air Burst.  I figured such a garbage ability would be cheap....and saw that it was competing with Breach Surge and Larva...but noted it used 94% of resources versus 100% and 121%.  It seems like you're balancing resource rarity an total % required to try and weigh out ability performance.  It's not a good look, because I apply this stuff once.  That means waiting 24-48 hours means I literally have to use half as many resources as someone who had to have it today.  This is a huge trap for players, meant to force long term grind rather than engagement and usage.

Tomorrow I get 20 slots, and after that I finally get to use sentient stuff to reset negative penalties.  Effectively, I get to go from 3% to 15% by spending an additional resource.  Great.  It's so far along in the progression that once you get there it'll be a week of subsuming and feedings before you can reliably level up.  I take back the compliment on needing to experiment to level up.  Given the cost and waits of subsuming frames by the time you get everything subsumed you'll be well past rank 10.  This system is pretty terrible, and it's backwards to think how it's setup.  To be clear, the progression is to feed to 100%.  Once there you'll be close to unlocking subsumes.  Apply one or two powers, and then subsume your first frame.  From this point forward the daily subsume, then return to material inventory levels, will outstrip any need to experiment.   This proves the system is less about powering up, and more about forcing a  40+ day grind.

You unlocked the subsume for money....ok.  It's effectively allowing people to rank up to 10 very quickly, have access to everything, but also have them required to blow through a silly amount of resources.  You're phrasing this like it wasn't intended, but it's basically just paying money to skip the grind at great resource cost.  It's exactly what you said warframe wouldn't do 5+ years ago in an interview.  Maybe instead of this just decrease the subsume time to 11 hours.  In doing so it's going to be a 20+ day grind, but the limitations of materials will still be present.  You still get your engagement, depletion of inventories, but don't have to pretend like doing this is somehow a difficult decision.

Progression.  I get into my sacrifice, and then into the chair.  I subsume for a cost, get warped to the arsenal, then walk back down to the chair to feed it and replace the resources which were subsumed.  Not great.  Maybe instead of doing this allow us to choose the frame and just have it appear at the wall.  Less pointless walking, in-and-out of menus, and more significantly less time spent watching the same cut scene 40+ times daily.


The content

The new infested pistol (Zymos) is...who thought this was fun?  It's like you guys reached back to Time Splitters, and decided on the most odd weapon.  The dart gun inflated people until they detonated....but the thing is it had ammo.  Oh goody, an update dropped increasing the ammo.  Yeah, not worth the effort.  Headshots are pretty much impossible on a horde rush, so the gun is basically a thing for a stealth frame.  As a Loki or Ivara it's a fun way to run through spy vaults.  Ignore 99% of enemies, pop the ones in the spy vault while invisible, and win.  That's a niche...but I already have every other gun.  Guns with less ammo, whose headshots are options.  I have the ability to stick an arcane (arcane pistoleer) on this gun....but that's a 21 quantity drop from arbitrations...no.  I just don't think this is anything more than a novelty.

The claws....  Why?  If I can get to the 221 hits of a x12 multiplier I obviously don't need an insano range.  I especially don't need to trade huge possible damage for even the long lasting range of this weapon.  If I wanted that I could have chosen a whip or heavy blade to offer better damage without having to build that combo counter.  These are really goofy, but inoffensive.

The two guns, sold by father.  30k standing each plus the purchase price mean it's going to be a time before I care to unlock them.  For that price I can gild 3 pets and begin the long slog to get them enough forma to matter.  Thing is, the pets aren't great either.  Pet damage is garbage, so the only viable option is the sly vulpaphyla.  The boost evasion, which isn't good but marginally better than various low damage attacks.


Finally, Avast saw you as a virus.  Executable got vaulted and removed, so I spent 3 hours downloading, getting a cache fail, resetting steam and adding an avast exception.  That's after a day of playing 05 with no issues.  None of this is a good look DE.

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8 hours ago, NightmareT12 said:

Can't believe you guys gave in to rush subsume. Wow.

Me too. Big mistake.

Never bow to the "I want everything immediately and I have money"-crowd. Ever. Not IRL, not in Warframe.

Yes, DE might get a little more real money, which is generally a good thing ("Warframe will never die"). But think about who is actually paying? It's not the players having mucho plat from selling sets, mods, arcanes, rivens etc., it's the little guys buying from them.

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8 hours ago, Wolf_and_Fox said:

Remove the ability to Rush eating warframes now. That is hands how the worst change you could have damn made. This is not fair to Free to play players and this is made just to sap people of money. 

Not everyone has the time to maybe wait, I am away from my home between 11-15h 5 days a week working, which means my gaming days are on weekends and this means that someone like me can enjoy the game more, if you want to wait 24h thats okay if I want to rush thats okay, and fair? Its pve not pvp.

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8 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:

Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.6

In an attempt to keep these notes spoiler free you may notice some less-descriptive language than usual - thank you for your diligent reporting!

Helminth Changes & Fixes:

  • You can now Rush Subsume when hovering over the active Subsume ability with the Helminth.
    • Please note that Rushing a Subsume will not result in a flower until the next time you visit the Orbiter. Please also note we have made this change based on player requests for it, despite it not being in the original design. 
  • Fixed all Subsumed Warframes not creating their own flowers. As reported here.
    • We’re working on a script to find the missing flowers and their respective colors! We’ll update this thread when the script has started - don’t worry, your flowers are not lost! 
  • Fixed Helminth Subsume flower for the currently Subsuming Warframe having default flower colours (pink petals) if the Warframe being Subsumed had default colours.
  • Fixed game breaking bug of the Helminth choosing to not interact with the Carrion Domestik Drone.
  • Fixed Vauban’s Tesla, Tempest Barrage, Blood Altar and Ivara’s Quiver ability not functioning when used by Hildryn via Helminth Subsume.
  • Fixed several Helminth text lines overlapping when Ranking up.

Zymos Changes:

  • Clip size increased from 9 to 17.
  • Ammo pool increased from 27 to 51.


  • Optimized Town, Relay and Dojo server-code.
  • Made a micro-optimization to minimap rendering.


  • Xaku’s Gaze ability has been added to the Railjack Tactical Menu. 
  • Xaku will now hide their Syandana and Armor pieces during their The Vast Untime ability to prevent floating objects.
    • Note: we are about 1 week away from a full Community feedback pass on Xaku’s abilities. Sit tight! 
  • Conservation Animal Tags and Wounded Animal Tags will now appear in the UI popup banner (similar to Argon Crystal) upon collecting an Animal.
  • You can now Fast Travel to the Necraloid Syndicate in the Necralisk after speaking with them.
  • Improvements towards the Necramech Guard Mode Equip and Unequip flow to be cleaner and use Abilities functions better.
  • Added and tweaked many Entrati member VO Transmissions. These tweaks include ensuring some VO Transmissions don’t repeat endlessly.
  • Increased the aggressiveness of Deimos reinforcements. 
  • Tweaked reload sounds of the Trumna.
  • Added descriptions to Helminth Secretions. Yum!
  • Added HUD timers to Vauban’s Minelayer grenades. 

Infested Companion Fixes:

  • Fixed Predasite and Vulpaphyla Companions not granting Mastery Rank.
    • Upon login of this Hotfix, missing Mastery will be given for your respective Gilded Infested Companion.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when opening the Simulacrum Arsenal in multiplayer Simulacrum with a Vulpaphyla equipped.
  • Fixed Vulpaphyla Companion getting reset to Rank 0 if the Vulpaphyla went into bleedout while you were dying/Reviving. 
  • Fixed Sly Vulpaphyla's Survival Instinct not showing FX for Clients.
  • Fixed a script error when dying while your Pharoh Predasite Companion used Anabolic Pollination.
  • Fixed a script error where Panzer Vulpaphyla died before the Viral Quills projectiles landed.
  • Fixed a script error when a Crescent Vulpaphyla used Crescent Charge on a target that died.


  • Fixed Necramech’s not retaining their gained XP if you left the Necramech before you entered the gate/area to return to Town.
  • Fixed Client Necramech’s not retaining their gained XP after mission aborting. We are working on additional edge cases with Client Affinity retention on Necramechs. More to come!
  • Fixed a crash when joining a Cambion Drift mission where a Client player is dead.
  • Fixed a crash when entering the return to Town/Hub area while an encounter triggers in Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed potential crash when casting Titania’s Lantern ability.
  • Fixed Isolation Vault Necramech Damage resistance not applying to Clients.
  • Fixed second Necramech summon having no weapon and inability to shoot for Clients.
  • Fixed Xaku’s Vast Untime ability not always damaging enemies within radius.
  • Fixed failing to Gild an eligible Infested Companion with the Conservation Entrati member if you have a Predasite that is less than Rank 30.
  • Fixed not gaining weapon XP when shooting from a K-Drive or Velocipod.
  • Fixed ability to contribute pending Keratinos Blueprints for Entrati Rank up without warning, which causes them to disappear in the Foundry.
    • Pending Foundry Blueprints won’t be eligible for Syndicate Rank up.
  • Fixed ability to reach the Isolation Vaults without doing an Insolation Bounty.
  • Fixed being able to walk through the blue force-field wall around the Plains of Eidolon as a Necramech. 
  • Fixed ability to collide with allied Necramechs. 
  • Fixed Mods on the lower left side of the Necramech Upgrade screen can't be read.
  • Fixed UI callout for the Necramech dodge/charge tutorial being incorrect.
  • Fixed the Necramech moving in a circular motion while boosting when tilting the controller joystick slightly to the left or right.
  • Fixed Cortege doing incorrect Damage type in Heavy Weapon mode.
  • Fixed the Sepulcrums Alt Fire homing projectiles sometimes endlessly circling low profile targets like the Deimos Carnis enemy. 
  • Fixed Sepulcrum and Trumna local firing sounds playing for Clients.
  • Fixed Energy Siphon on Hildryn resulting in her Pillage Overshields being reverted. 
  • Another fixed towards Wukong Prime's Iron Staff not blocking 100% of Damage as intended.
  • Fixed Phaedra missing its Magazine component. 
  • Fixed Pets/Sentinels always targeting Cryptilex.
  • Fixed Velocipods not displaying max Pistol Ammo when riding - they were only showing Magazine.
  • Fixed Khrusos Syandana textures to react to lighting more naturally and appear less flat.
  • Fixed entering the Mod Bench while in the Necramech Upgrade screen resulting in getting the regular Mod Bench selection with all Mods showing.
  • Fixed missing Trumna Alt Fire animations.
  • Fixed some Otak ambient barks overlapping with other dialog.
  • Fixed missing Mother VO if you skipped the Entrati Rank up reward and then choose to select the reward later.
  • Fixed cases of missing Mother VO when taking a Bounty.
  • Fixed missing goodbye VO for the Weapons Entrati member.
  • Fixed "Melee Combos" for Necramechs showing broken Stance Mods and wrong combos.
  • Fixed cases of missing Wyrm Residue FX.
  • Fixed many missing Deimos Codex entries.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur if a wild Medjay Predasite was charging towards you while using Paralytic Spores and died, which could cause other enemies to not be vulnerable to finishers.
  • Potential fix for a script error when a Host migrates in a Free Roam mission. 
  • Fixed a script error related to Wyrm Residue puddles.
  • Fixed a script error when encountering an Infested Drop Pod.
  • Fixed a script error when selecting a mission from the World State Window. 
  • Fixed a script error when a Necramech deactivated their Guard Mode ability. 
  • Fixed a script error when casting Ash’s Shuriken ability. 
  • Fixed a script error when using the Broken Specter.
  • Fixed a couple script errors when Feeding Resources to the Helminth.
  • Fixed a script error when being attacked by Deimos Runners.
  • Fixed numerous script errors when being attacked by the Deimos Leaping Thrasher.

still no fix for oxylus's dye mod not working in POE and OV?

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5 hours ago, -RyuzuDarklight- said:

Is this right.? Since the recent hotfix. I only checked the rewards and we probably have a bug here.
We have a higher level bounty, where we receive less payment.

We were getting 85 symbols for the highest level.

Please DE Fix it.



That has been happening before the hotfix too. My guess is that they just add up the tokens you get for the different stages, which roughly correspond to how long the bounty takes. If you get only bounties that are incredibly fast as a lvl5 bounty (the  tumor nodes, the purifier, the resources cache, helping grineer), but a level3 bounty with excavation, the corpus dude, and the bait station, then this might happen I feel.

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8 hours ago, Voltage said:

Thank you for the hotfix!


  • Add an optional Steel Path Isolation Vault bounty that spawns 5 Necramech targets as well as applies the Mod Drop Chance and Resource Drop Chance boosters for farming Necramech Mods, Scintillant, and Necraloid standing. This would be an indirect way to buff Scintillant and Necramech mod drops without handing them to players. Increased levels for increased rewards!
  • Add permanent family token exchange deals (Grandmother too) that are a bit less efficient than the time-gated ones. This would reduce player burnout and reward active players more than non-active, but give players who play less frequently a consistent and solid progression system if they choose to partake in it.
  • Slightly adjust Railjack and similar resources for Helminth to be consistent with other costs given their aquisition (Asterite is an outlier).
  • Add more capacity to Necramechs, reduce some mod costs, and/or remove 2 mod slots. It's really annoying to have 12 mod slots that you will never be able to fully use due to capacity limitations. This was a problem with the launch of Empyrean and how Avionics capacity was more limited than slots.

Yes, please listen, these are good suggestions!

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