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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.6

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2 minutes ago, CephKaron said:

I'd much prefer if there was a 'wanted level' instead of just enemies constantly spawning up your hoo-hah, personally.

You can either whine here or just get the easy mode out with wukong. Idc what you prefer. xd

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Mech EXP is still lost when returning to a city without the mech dying. Possibly only the bonus EXP is lost however, as I gained 12 of the 19 levels I should have gotten. It is either bonus exp lost, or only starting a new bounty saves gained exp.

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vor 34 Minuten schrieb Matzelito:

Please for the love of Lotus remove self-stagger effects from tenno amps. Really, it's just annoying and they didn't even damaged yourself... 


in addition to that: Could you add more Zaw parts for other weapon types like dual sword, whips, dual dagger and two handed nikana?

Xaku: make 1 stronger and make it an AoE buff for your teammates. remove 2 and give him a viable ability. 3rd - take just the defense reduction, increase base range by 3x and 4th has to be stronger in every way and costs only 100 energy with no energy over time. 

Helmith: pls reconsider some choices of less used or just bad abilities.

Make Loki's teleport with no lock on an enemy and give it to helminth.

Give nyx's 2nd or 3rd ability and rework her 1.

Make ember's 3 that it can still delete enemies armor based on modded ability strength (200% Strength=100% armor reduced).

Change wukong's helminth ability to 2nd ability or buff 3rd at all.

Valkyr's Warcry Nerf was too hard on attack speed and armor, pls buff it a bit.

Change Mirage's eclipse based on your equipped energy color which buff it does. atleast for helminth to make it more consistent.

Limbo's banish make it that way that you can hold it to cast it on yourself. 

Costs on Biles are a bit expensive even for veterans. 


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edited one thing
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1 minute ago, Clowee said:

ZOMG unplug your authentication server and plug it back in already.  There's literally a ZILLION people who want to BUY PLAT and CANT SIGN IN and its been like 30 MINUTES AND WE ARE ALL GOING INSANE

i live for the grind and not being able to log is KILLING me


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I love Xaku, great job, and have some feedback ^-^

Their passive can has their value rise to 35%?

First ability is good, but need a high valor, because when you compare Xaku's ability with like Grendel 2nd ability  (a ability that is almost free, don't need a lot of strength and can be give to allies) Xaku's first seems like weak, can be 40% base?

Second ability I love that ability, but can be faster and where Xaku look insted infront of them, like their 3rd ability, the fire rate can be a little bite high.

Third ability If the cast is faster, and de radius was big will be better, and deny need to be redo, the energy cost need to be lowered.

Fourth ability remove the energy cost per second, increase the dodge and give them a shield gate increase time while using their ult

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14 minutes ago, Lichformed said:

Looking at the replies generally it's as I feared, Helminth has become the second balance issue DE has to work with forever exactly like Rivens.

MR doesn't really even tell much if all you did was sit in Hydron or did stealth farm, you can effectively be a MR30 and not have enough resources for it.

But now every future Warframe will have design space ruined as they need to be balanced for subsuming and no one will ever be happy with the sink.

With every weapon added it's going to be so much more balancing stuff like rivens and Helminth forever.

And clearly things like ongoing content and ongoing balance needs are taking an increasing toll on the development. Especially now that arcanes and rivens can easily give a good 5x multiplier in damage before basic modding, the power ceiling is increasing constantly and it's also increasing the need for repetetive and taxing balancing work.

I just hope the dev team can work around all these systems they've married themselves into without too much burnout, especially now that working from home is important and cumbersome.

the whole problem with the "mr doesnt matter if you got taxied to hydron" is that, it means that person most probably knows people who are able to advise them on what to do and what not to do, so even in that case, mr still matters because it means they had to do the mr tests themselves. mr isnt perfect, but its the closest thing the game has to show people's experience with the game. which is the biggest problem of setting it with such a low mr.

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Just now, Jim22 said:

Don't rush it's not worth it trust me. 

DE made a system that actually feels punishing to interact it the way they want you to. instead, what will happen is people will pick a few favorites and stick with it, since its so expensive to play around and test things up. its kinda seems like they made this as a resource sink FIRST, fun gameplay last.

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Just now, DottorChaos said:

hi ... I just updated warframe, and now it gives me access problems ... I put in game the same data that I put to enter the site, but in the game mji does not let me enter it tells me ... login failed! check the data

We are all pretty much getting that issue at the moment.

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