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"session Unavailable" Over And Over Again


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I don't know how many of us on the forums are experiencing this issue lately, but matchmaking is becoming really frustrating.


A lot of random players I meet in chat have the same exact problem: when one tries to join a lobby, after 10 - 15 seconds of waiting, suddenly the "session unavailable" message pops up.


The peculiar thing is that during those seconds the team chat tab becomes active and the nicknames of those already in the lobby are there (inculding the ones having the issue), so apparently the connection IS made with the host.


If that wasn't enough, when this happens the lobby becomes "corrupted": even if one or more players got the "session unavailable" message and aren't in that session, game servers still count them in and give a "session full" message to anyone else trying to join afterwards.


I find this bug game breaking, not only because impacts on the very nature of an online coop game, but also because it isn't limited to a few people. This needs to be fixed asap




(just to be clear, I have ping limit set to infinite, UDP ports open and upnp disabled so I highly doubt it's a matter of settings)

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