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I realize I recently posted about this, but I wanted to do so in a more formal way with some actual suggestions this time.


The Issue:
So with each update we are getting more and more mods thrown our way. The trouble I find myself in is that I never use them! It isn't because they aren't great mods, it is simply because there is something better that could take its place. Would I love to use retribution? You bet! But that would have to take the place of something that either keeps me alive (Redirection and Vigor) or something that makes me a lot more powerful (Focus, Flow, Streamline, Stretch, Continuity, ect.). This leads on to my point: I don't think we have enough mod slots.


There is so much potential for unique and interesting Warframe builds, especially with the addition of corrupted mods. The nice thing balance wise about them is that no matter how hard you try you can't fully cancel out all the negative effects, even if you chain them together, you will always be lacking in something. Then there are all those misc. mods that we rarely see anyone use: Acrobat, Heavy Impact, Marathon, ect. More mod slots would mean a much more diverse set of builds for each Warframe. Whenever I ask someone what they are using I generally get the answer:
4 Warframe ability mods





Stretch or Continuity

One other mod of their choice


That is generally one unique mod. Even then it is usually something pretty standard like Vitality or Vigor. But enough about the problem, what about the solution?


Tiered Mods:

A more interesting solution would be to make several tiers of mods, as well as a set of mod slots for each tier. To give you a better picture of what I mean let me give you an example:

Tier 1:
Redirection, Flow, Focus, Warframe Abilities, Vitality, Streamline, Stretch, Continuity, Corrupted Mods, ect.

This tier consists of things that change combat in a major way.

Tier 2:
Marathon, Acrobat, Heavy Impact, Handspring, Quick Rest, Elemental Resistance, Retribution, Undying Will, Provoked, ect.
This tier consists of various small but still noticeable changes that effect combat in a lesser way (i.e. they don't make you a better killer, they are more quality of life).


This would mean we would have one tier for our major mods, and another one for smaller tweaks that simply add a bit a flavor. Each tier would have its own set of mod slots (the size of each could vary). As for UI a "1" and "2" button could be added below the "A", "B", and "C" buttons in the mod screen.

This solution gives us a better way to refine our warframe to our personal liking. Do we want a better downed state experience, to create shock-waves as we land, a little extra kick in our step? These things aren't big game changers, but add a bit a flavor to each play style. This new tier would allow you to add even more small refinement mods without fear of them being useless. I really do think it would be a welcome addition to an already phenomenal game.


Extra Mod Slots:

This would be the simplest solution, however, it may not be the best. Why not say just two extra slots added on to what we have now. This could simply lead to everyone becoming too powerful. We know for a fact it would make us more powerful, to what degree I am not sure, but of course adding even higher level content then what we have now could balance that out. For a new player it wouldn't shift the balance too much in their favor either since they don't have all the best mods on hand. Most likely this would result in them actually using the lesser used mods like Acrobat. The last argument I would like to make for this solution is the old saying "The simplest answer is usually the best one."


Removing Warframe Ability Mods:
This would indeed free up a lot of mod slots, perhaps even too many, It would mean warframes would all have their abilities by default, or at the very least they would go in separate mod slots like the aura does. This would certainly streamline (such a dirty word I know) the experience, why also freeing up more space to play around with different mods. This would probably cause a lot less confusion for new players. I personally am not a fan of this solution, but I have seen people suggest it so I figured I would throw it up as a possibility.

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Or or or or. Adding onto the removal of warframe power slots. What if we had 4 separate slots for them, and all warframes automatically had their abilities, but in order to actually make applied fusions to them to make them stronger, they have to put them in the correct slots.

So basically, you can roll around with weak powers, or, at the cost of mod capacity, have them a bit stronger, and have you the ability to fill up the extra 4 slots that are now made free.

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