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helminth and bile secretion

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alright so as you all know bile is used in a lot of infusing and subsuming frames, so I want to know what are some good places to farm the resources needed for bile.

argon crystals




thermal sludge


diluted thermia 



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22 minutes ago, (PS4)Cephalon_Nerve said:

Mot-void or argon crystals

Wahiba-mars morphics

Nekros, khora, booster and steel path for optimal outcomes

They need to change the bile costs imo

This. Any resource other than these 2 are waste of time.

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The cost of bile is gonna be a hard lock on the helminth system for most players very quickly I think.

The costs are just too high.

I've got tons of mats from approx 3.5k hours but I'm looking at this and just thinking, nah.

If you want to actually play with the system, try varied load outs, swap abilities in and out until you find something you really like (you know, the way it was described), well you better have an absolute mega sh!t ton of rare resources.

As for just farming more, not achievable in any kind of reasonable timescale.  And while this is a farming game, we also want to actually play the game, not just for ever more farm resources so we can use the helminth occasionally.

I want to engage with the system.  I understand it's not meant to be completed in a week, but these costs are too high, especially all the rj resources.  My rj is pretty good at 10-9-9-10 and I've played a fair bit, but my resources would be drained in 1-3 feeds for most things it wants.

DE are gonna look at the figures for the first month or two and think engagement is great.  Once we've all gone broke the numbers are gonna go off a cliff though.

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The Railjack resource numbers on the rare-er resources are bonkers.  5K Astralite?  Ha!  Other than that it should all work out eventually.  Granted that many of us want to rush through things as fast as possible, but since waiting can reset the appetite then eventually you will get everything you need.

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