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Unlocking Missions Out Of Order


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Not... entirely sure where to post this. It's really odd.

So, I've been gunning my way on towards the Phorid.

Only about three missions off when I logged in.

Now I'm... At the phorid, and I only played one mission?


Alright, I clicked on "Hymeno", the survival mission.

When I got into a game, it was a half done defence mission.

What the hell?

Oh well, got stream line from it, no bother.

When I went back to the mission screen, I saw this...



As you can see, Hymeno is still locked, the defence mission I somehow clicked is complete, the missions in between the one I had unlocked (One before Hymeno) and the the defence mission are all set as unlocked but not complete.

Phorid is also complete.


Very odd.

Good I guess, but odd.

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