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Suggestion: Resource Drone Swarm

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Is anyone using the resource drones? I don't.
1. They're not worth it,
2. The UI is annoying. 

I suggest giving them a new life as Resource Drone Swarms for the open worlds.
Basically you take 10 resource drones and make a swarm out of them. Go to open world area and deploy them. They will mine and gather 'plant' resources for you. Also, they will search for large deposit zones. When found they inform you and you can choose to summon an excavator. These deposits will give you a large amount of minerals and crystals. 

The swarm would have a 2-3 hour battery life instead of health. When depleted they go into a 1 hour cooldown period.

Now a suggestion for just cosmetic. Excavator appearance depending on what world you're on. If you are in the Plains Of Eidolon, Suumbaat drops an Ostron themed excavator from an air balloon.
Orb Vallis, Smokefinger drops Solaris themed one from a ship.
Cambion Drift, Otak Void drops an Entrati themed one.

What do you think? Good idea, bad?

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