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May We Please Get Boss Reworks on old Bosses like The Sergeant

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i got an idea for the ultimate sergeant, 1. he has 4 spider orbs in his boss room. each has a power disabling aura that disables 1 of 4 powers. all 4 combined disable all 4 powers. he himself uses 3 decoy cppies of himself. he has a red light on his back to distinguish himself from the other 3 which have a blue green yellow light. the room has wind turbines that lnock you around and cryo floor panels to slow you. to kill the sergeant you must turn off 2 engines that make him invincible. the engines give him shields that prevent damage. simply kill 1 spider grab its fuel cell and insert it to overload 1 engine. when both are down he can take damage. he wields a tether grenade that tethers tenno. and a net grenade only useable when theres 2 3 4 players. this net disables 1 player by trapping them it can only be removed by another player. his gun is a battacor.

----The Sergeant deals puncture heat damge, blue light decoy deals puncture cold, green light deals puncture toxic, yellow light deals electric puncture. 

the 4 spiders would be like the big overshield green ones from orb vallis. each one disables 1 of your warframe powers. but each drops 1 fuel cell to disable The Sergeants overshield generator. 

the room itself is like a hexagon shape, built like the design of new corpus ships. each tip of the hexagon will have cryo pools that can freeze players. with a rotating wind turbine around the room that circumvents the room blowing you around. 

Phorid, Sargus Ruk, Lech kril, Vor, corrupted vor, vay hek, hyena pack, could all use their own boss rooms, and redesigns to their fights. with additive scaling based on players in the squad. 

corrupted vor could definitely be tweaked by giving him the G3 as backup. when he appears. though they dont drop anything. killing Corrupted vor quick should also skip his obnoxious endless dialogue. he could drop corrupted seer, corrupted cronus blueprints. 

phorid should be 50% bigger and have a new phase system. 3 tumors are on his body. break them to kill him. his base level will get +15 from what it is now. new attacks and new Necralisk infested could spawn. maybe a story connecting him to the son. 

Regular vor would see light touchups to his design and own room. but kept mediocre for nee players. 

Sargas ruk could be 20% bigger with his own new lava room themed fire area tileset.  

---Another idea in my head, why cant Kuva siphons give us 900 from 600 and Kuva floods 1800 from 1200. the kuva grind is pretty bad. 

900 kuva on siphons

1800 kuva on floods

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spider man lol GIF

Like DE would consider such even, it was more important to change the basically first/second Tutorial boss with Jackal to promote the Parazon so people want the Mods for it and buy the packs because the Drop Chance for those is abysmall low on almost every boss.

DE has questionable prioritys, rather move on something new and let the odl things rot or change it when it is to late or when they want to push something in there favor.

Yet Phorid and Sergeant are the worst exampel staying for this like years, same with units, especially infected, we got new ones on Deimos and with Arlo in Nightwave, BUT they are exclusive to those nods only. While the other factions get a recolour at best with Grineer, while Corpus makes old bosses into basic units like Hyena and the Jackal.

This is bad MMORPG logic, robbing the bosses fro mthere uniquness, it at least makes sense for Corpus ina way since they are mass producing, but then we kil lthose to stop this, yet it not matters since they still make them anyway, so the Lotus dialog not makes sense at all. We stop nothing on those being mass produced.

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