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My Vulpaphyla companions are all male.

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I'm six foxes down - every single one's male. While that might just be the 1.5% playing tricks, chances are higher that there might be some bug, methinks. Anyone else seeing weird odds?

Edit: The seventh was a female. Dunno how to delete these posts though. 

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Bug seemingly solved.
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I've been having some very odd chances. 

I started with Panzer Vulpaphyla. I had two females before getting a male.

I did one Sly Vulpaphyla and one Cresent Vulpaphyla. Both are female. 

Then I did Predasites, starting with Vizier Predasite. I did one and it was a male.

Then I did the Medjay Predasite and Pharoah Predasites, one each. Both are female.

Now I have been running through four extra Medjay Predasites, and all have been female.

So I rolled five Medjays total and all were female. 

I just want a male Medjay Predasite....

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