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My New Warframe (Support Thread)


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Alright for the past few weeks i have been designing a new Warframe hoping to catch the eye of the Dev's and maybe have it implemented into the game i have been thinking of names for the powers and been behind the scenes designing the look of the Warframe on one of my programs plus my concept art i been drawing in my spare time and during my college course's i zone out in. 


Alright but i was curious if anyone on the forums would be interested in my ideas i am willing to post everything i have came up with as of now in a separate thread and i wanted to see if non council members are interested as well as council and Dev's alike EVERYONE should have an equal opportunity to view things. 


This is only a support thread for me in all honesty. I don't know how to further explain it with out seeming selfish which is not my intention i just need the support!

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Tbh, there needs to be a sub forum dedicated to warframe designs, just so they don't show up on GD everyday. 


Not because I hate seeing them even though I do there's just so many threads with this topic that get buried so quickly that they need their own place.


And besides that, someone might have the coolest 'frame concept out there and the playerbase may love the idea, but what if it's impossible to balance, can't be done, wouldn't fit in, etc.? It's DE's call.


And since it's DE's ultimate decision, might as well give them a dedicated place to look at and respond to posts if they want to see some neat ideas for 'frames and powers.

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