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Dark Reign


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Hello tenno, and welcome.


This is Dark Reign a clan that has 78 members. You will always find someone online.





We are a small frendly group of players who enjoy having fun and company. We are always glad to help and listen to new suggestions.


What do we have ? 


-Our clan has a complete dojo and its constantly developing.

-There are events and contests all the time

-We have our own website with ranks and everytihing. You can see it here http://-dark-reign-.enjin.com/home 

-Fun admistrative team ready to help and listen you problems.



Admin Team?


Owners: Vox_MMMM, Technosonic and Me (Nezgol)

Admins : ArchangelForcas, Aceofgods

And more to come.


Dojo ? 


-All reasearch complete

-Dueling arena

-Drums complete set (


-And everyting else.




Be respectfull

No bad language

Participate in the chat and on the web.

Have fun.


If you are interested please contact me via a message or whisper in game!


This is also for Dark Reign members who want to comunicate with us.

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