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MR system is a pain

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Warframe deserves to be more than a F2P but it is a F2P, MR is the definition of a F2P mechanic. Right now it is even worse, because some players are almost done with it, some are 1 weapon close to MR30 and those heavily commited players are one of the biggest driving vectors of the  playerbase.

Everything MR related can be collected with either commitment or patience and there are always something to grind that will sell for plat. So overall, it is not even that unfair, some pieces of gear are incredibly tedious to grind but the vast majority isn't and you need to grind kind of 40-45% of the weapons/frames whatever giving mastery to unlock everything, afterward it is all about flexing and saving maybe 1 week tops on a big open world patch to get everything you want.

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On 2020-09-03 at 4:21 PM, Voltage said:

The system is pretty good as it encourages you to try and acquire more stuff.

It does but "plat system" does not. We start with 50 starting plat, and to be honest that is not much. You can get one potato and almost half is already gone. It's especially bad for the new players, and trading system without auction house makea it just worse.

Not to mention that when i started the game, sentinel slots were all free and limitless. All this is super negative for newbies. Instead of this pay-/ grindwall new players should have chance to have fun without worrying about few slots for weapons and so on. 

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On 2020-09-03 at 9:13 AM, Earthruneprime said:

Howdie Peeps 

I was a ps4 player and recently moved to pc. I played about 1000 hours of warframe on ps4 before moving to what is an amazing experience on PC. Cool now that the pleasantries are done I would like to see what the community feels about the MR system? 

My personal feeling is meh, its really drawn out and takes away a lot from the experience. I dont even think MR means much anymore anyway, what do you all think would be a better system or upgraded system for this?

I would definitely like to see it more be based upon actual XP running missions, doing bounties/sorties/etc. Having gone through the entire Marketplace for weapon blueprints, the vast majority of them were immediately vendored at rank 30 and never used again. Spamming ESO to grind affinity doesn't really substitute for actually knowing the gameplay systems, bullet jumping/wall hanging, parkour style stuff to succeed.


The actual MR tests themselves could also use some updating, imo.

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In principle it's an interesting idea:
a content gating system based on actually practising and using a wide variety of gear, intended to help instil system mastery and avoid 'I'm an X main' issues by helping people get used to changing gear and frames as situation demands. (let down by the awkwardness of looking up a mission node, seeing what it is, exiting back out of the map, walking the length of the orbiter changing loadout, walking the length of the orbiter and entering mission. Loadouts help but its still clunky).

It's let down by poor pacing, there being no rime or reason to the tests, and those tests having never been reviewed since they were set up even when systems they depend upon are changed (I will be stuck on the MR 19 test till the day that I die), and lastly, that there are simply too few reasons to go after higher ranks in MR.

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Am 3.9.2020 um 15:21 schrieb Voltage:

I wish they give more meaning to MR by having some higher Mastery locks on some things and giving some better rewards as you rank up (like Milestones at 20 or 25 or something). The system is pretty good as it encourages you to try and acquire more stuff.

That would mean a bunch of vets (myself included) would get a lot of free stuff on login..

Sign me up!!! 

Sadly, mr locks don't work (even though I would love it, especially in stuff like arbitrations..) because even at the slightest lock all new players unite to attack DE.. look at rivens (mr8) and the currently best example the helminth system.. 

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