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"this Fusion Would Exceed Capacity Of X" When I Still Have Points


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I can load mods just fine on my warframes, but when have enough mods to go beyond 60 points (it has a Orokin reactor aka gold potato), and I try to level an installed mod while I still clearly have the points to do so, it pops up the warning about the level of the mod exceeding capacity.


If I unload the mod, level it while free in my inventory and then load it again it does not even raise an eyebrow.


This is the same (and most apparent) on a level 0 frame with an Aura (my Nova a few days ago, or my Trinity atm), I have X bonus points given by the aura, but I can only load mods, not upgrade them while loaded or I still get the warning.


I'm pretty sure it wasn't like this pre 10.4.

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Is it possible the mod you're fusing is also equipped on another warframe which does not have additional mod point capacity? This happens to me occasionally when I'm fusing vitality, redirection, etc mods to higher levels.... since these kinds of mods are used on all my frames I frequently have to make  and keep multiple versions - e.g. when i made a 14 redirection I had t also make a 10 redirection for my frames which already had the 10 equipped and couldn't handle more mod points.


edit - this can happen with primary weapons, secondaries, melee weapons, sentinels, and sentinel weapons too.  Additionally you can't have the same mod equipped to a warframe weapon and a sentinel weapon... so to accommodate these changes you may have to have several versions of your favorite mods... don't be too hasty to sell those duplicates!

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It's probably counting mods from the other two mod presets, removing those stops it. But it's such a hassle compared to just unequipping one mod.


EDIT: i.e.: It's counting mod capacity usage of all three presets, but the fusion limit in mod screen isn't multiplied by three to accomodate for the item having three different loadouts, or totally separating each preset as its own capacity.


And it's been like this ever since they added in the three presets.

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Nope to either the first two posters. Not loaded in any other frame, not in a second preset (I only have one preset populated, the other two are empty).


The case in point was a Focus I got recently, and did test this mechanic for lulz with other mods that were total trash (ice/fire/poison/whatever resistance) and were not loaded anywhere. Also made the connection with same issue I had a few days back with my new Nova, and that is exactly the same on my new Trinity now (I load an Aura, it gives me bonus points, I load an ability mod and I still have 5+ points left when I try to level it I get an error as above, if I level it when unloaded and then load it in the frame there is no issue)


It's clearly something screwed up that does not calculate the bonus points given by the Aura mods, as it does give that warning only when I am going beyond the points of the frame the mod is loaded on by using an Aura mod to get more bonus points.

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