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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.7

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When we may hope for nekramech exp gain to be fully fixed? i mean it still is lost if you summon a new one (always 30%hp for some reason) or when your warframe dies
At least i hope that if there is some other content planed for them that will require for us to mod it more than 0 forma i hope that exp will be fixed way before it drops as now i like it but will not even think of forming it before it is fixed as it is a torture

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vor 7 Stunden schrieb [DE]Megan:

Conservation Change:

  • A marker will now appear when spotting Conservation scat through the Trang rifle scope or if a Lure is equipped.

It's nice and all ,but it has changed absolutely nothing on how we find the actual conservation targets.
Most players can find the calling point even without the trail in a matter of seconds.
Entities like the Avichaea are a nightmare to find since everything in the Cambion drift is either bright orange to dark red such as the outline when aiming with the tranq rifle.
I suggest either having a higher contrast and longer visibility time on the target or just as some people suggested to just add a marker to the animal itself instead their their "scat".
This would make conservations much more enjoyable and less of a chore to get Son tokens or Standing.

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8 hours ago, [DE]Megan said:
  • Fixed losing weapon functionality if Octavia had Shooting Gallery (Mesa Subsume) active and casted one of her other abilities.

Weapon functionality is still frequently lost if using Resonator on Zephyr while enemies are present.

Issue described previously here:


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One of my missing flowers has now shown up, but I'm not sure whether it's Oberon's or Limbo's, since all my flowers are basically the same color aside from the stems.

Rhino, Nova, and Wukong produced flowers without issue.  Limbo (who was in progress while the script ran) did not produce one, even after the script finished.  Oberon, who was started after the script also did not produce one.

One of those 2 (prooobably Oberon?) now has.  But not both.  And these flowers are all basically the same color, sure Nova's a little lighter than Rhino but they're all ultimately the same pinkish orange.

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Is it me or is there a problem with gaining affinity towards other sources while in necramech? I used my necramech during bounty and was keeping a close eye at my pets affinity bar on the top right, the bar never filled/blinked while I was in necramech. But the moment I hop out of my mech in my operator/warrame it starts gaining affinity. And I am pretty sure this issue is also a part of the many of why things are buggy while in the necramech. It's almost as if necramech was added as a system outside of Warframe itself.

Also what's with the deal of not being able to buy multiple of the same items from vendor wares? Are we back in 2014 or something?

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7 hours ago, Swamarian said:

Probably not, since last I heard, they didn't know what caused, or how to reproduce the problem.

There is NO way this didn't show up even if they played more than 3 missions with the Necramech. It should've never been released in its current state. But then again, if they hadn't, this update would be even more barebone.


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8 hours ago, Genoscythe said:

Did you come here to talk about Hotfixes?


How did you know that's my favorite subject???


In all seriousness though, the token system is totally busted. On Fortuna a common gem nets you 50 standing, on Deimos you need to give 8 + some minerals for 100 standing, this is not acceptable. Same goes for animal captures, It doesn't have to be kubrodon incarnadine levels, but 200 standing per common animal should be in!


Basically everything but bounties have become less profitable. Bounties mostly consist of time-waster missions that force players to wait for minutes for something to happen, have terrible spawn rates with terrible drop chances for enemy samples. Heart of Timers could really use some more mission that progress with player speed and more difficulty. Why do steel path bounties net only 30 tokens more than the tier 5 one even though it's 60 levels higher?


personally I find the token system to be alright. Yes, some tokens exchange rates are god awful.
Daughter Tokens. Its usually worth getting the bigger packs, because the smaller packs still require a lot of single parts in way too high stack count.
Same applies to Son, but even more extreme. (1 token cost me 8 common 5 uncommon/rare tags. yet the 4 tokens sometimes just cost 1 rare, and 2 common tag)
With Father its totally worth buying all. but with recent changes to residue spawn-count, it has become less worth/even affordable to buy bigger token packs.

The problem is mostly that it feels like the time required to get tokens from each of the members isn't very equal.

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il y a 8 minutes, TmoonLegend a dit :

any word on fixing limbos cataclysm on deimos, 

Probably not anytime soon, you know how grumpy they are when they release content that can be trivialized by one frame ( or more ). But with an evergrowing number of warframe i guess every new updates will see a couple of frame having their abilities limited/changed, ( railjack/ivara , scarlet spear/Limbo ) or with a pretty low level of urgency for being fixed.

I kinda like the fact that warframe is always evolving and changing ( in good or bad ways is another story ), even nerfs isn't a big concern as long they are planned on behalf of the future and NOT because you haven't thought of things you just released and never played or tested. 

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nice bug i got now.
I played in my necramech.. got killed. and after that i couldnt respawn.. respawn option was not active.
After 1 minute watching the others playin i got respawned.
in operator mode.

Couldnt use any ability. couldnt switch into the warframe. the inventory was empty to no k-drive, archwing or necramech.
jumping into an roaming necramech wanst possible either

could only fight in operator mode. Unstuck didnt fixed it. pushing escape and go back into game didnt fixed it. kill myself several times didnt fixed it.

and as cherry on top (i guess as "im sorry player") the enemys stopped attacking me.

a partly ingame fix was when i leaved the group.. then i was back in my warframe and could use the weapons and switch between frame and operator.

but inventory was still empty so moved bk on foot to the necralisk after the mission

Ah. and the "force respawn infront of vault door when u try to enter" is now not a bug for me its a feature. Always happens.
Workaround for this issue is just run nonstop in direction of open vault.. after 3-8 Respawns u forced yourself throu this invisible barrier and can loot like the others

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17 minutes ago, RingoDesu said:

Please, Fix this, Spending 6 minutes helping curpos reasercher does NOT make sense, it is bleedingly boring. Please fix the drop rate of the samples.

This. I like the bounty but the time is painful, especially if nothing is spawning around you

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Can't approach Latrox Une if he does not spawn. Forced to leave the area and let the objective fail.

Why is this guy such a problem child?  At launch large groups could not get the bonus due to timing issues. The patch which fixed that broke spawns and droprate on his quest, the droprate is now abysmal and there can be long periods of time with no spawns - an issue which also cropped up at the same time for the Outkill the Grineer bounty stage, neither had this issue before that patch.

And as of today he just...decides not to spawn.  He's giving us his introductory speech from the great nowhere.

This guy shows up in a lot of bounties, so there's a high probability a bounty chain will be uncompletable right now.  I like him, but his bounty stage really needs to function properly for once.

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