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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.7

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28 минут назад, [DE]Megan сказал:

Heart of Deimos: Hotfix 29.0.7

In an attempt to keep these notes spoiler free you may notice some less-descriptive language than usual - thank you for your diligent reporting!

Deimos Swarm Support Pack Addition:
An additional Syandana, called Palla Syandana, has been added to the Deimos Swarm Supporter Pack! Originally the Palla Syandana was going to be put elsewhere, but it’s design was intended to match the Supporter Pack aesthetic, so we’ve shifted plans and put it in the Deimos Swarm Pack.

We’ll be running a script to retroactively give the Palla Syandana to players who have purchased the Deimos Swarm Pack - stay tuned!

All purchases of the Deimos Swarm Pack moving forward will include the Palla Syandana.


Helminth Changes & Fixes:

  • Added Helminth Ability videos on hover of the respective abilities. 
  • Fixed rare case of getting forced-logged out of Warframe when attempting to Subsume a Warframe to the Helminth under poor Network conditions. As reported here
  • Fixed losing weapon functionality if Octavia had Shooting Gallery (Mesa Subsume) active and casted one of her other abilities.
  • Fixed getting stuck in an inescapable UI loop when attempting to Rename Helminth from the specific console (just inside the door) if you try to submit an invalid name.

Deimos Bounty Changes:

  • Scintillant in the ‘Common’ tier of a Deimos Bounty now has correct rarity weights within that tier. Previously it was applying it’s ‘Rare’ tier drop chance within the ‘Common’ tier - it is now a ~18% drop chance.

Conservation Change:

  • A marker will now appear when spotting Conservation scat through the Trang rifle scope or if a Lure is equipped.


  • Optimizations towards the Deimos Drop Pod spotlight in the Cambion Drift.
  • Fixed the Sly Vulpaphyla’s Survival Instinct FX causing a performance dip due to its visual distortion. As reported here!
  • Fixed memory leak in UI system that could cause a crash when chilling in the Helminth chair. 


  • Reduced drop chance of Pherliac Pods Blueprint for Deimos Juggernaut to 5%.
  • Changed 'Necramech Deflection' Mod name to 'Necramech Redirection' since we use Redirection for Max Shield Mods.


  • Fixed inability to log into Warframe if you didn’t own a Kubrow Companion.
    • This was hotdropped live Tuesday night!
  • Fixed a crash when casting the Necramech’s Storm Shroud ability.
  • Fixed a crash when casting the Necramech’s Necraweb ability.
  • Fixed a crash when attempting to return to the Necralisk while a Corpus Survivors encounter activates.
  • Fixed a crash if a Host migration occurred during a K-Drive race. 
  • Fixed numerous bugs that could occur after a Host migration, including starting on a Free Roam mission, Host-migrating, returning to Town/Hub, and then returning to the Free Roam landscape.
  • Fixed Client Necramech’s not retaining their gained XP if you left the Necramech before you entered the gate/area to return to Town.
  • Fixed some Client players seeing the same identical Fass symbol on the Isolation Vault doors.
  • Fixed friendly Necramech nullification disabling Warframe Invisibility and Banish abilities.
  • Fixed fallen Necramech’s on Cambion Drift being Rank 0 for Clients.
  • Fixed applying Forma to the Necramech Arquebex not showing the Polarity right away until you relog.
  • Fixed ability to install an Umbra Forma on a Necramech. No need for this as no Umbra Necramech Mods exist!
  • Fixed Necramech Ammo regeneration speed not changing per weapon equipped.
  • Fixed a Revenant functionality loss if Reave is cast on an enemy who is both Enthralled and Blood Altared.  
  • Fixed cases of Revenant’s Reave hitting ragdolled enemies multiple times in rapid succession, potentially insta-killing them.
    • Added Developer Note: To get into specifics, once an enemy was ragdolled you actually hit their proxies, and each AI has a dozenish or so proxies, you get healed for each hit, easily making it a full heal and instakill for each ragdolled enemy. So you were getting '12' for the price of '1' enemy, which is clearly unintended.
  • Fixed Heavy Gunners unintentionally having almost triple their Armor since Heart of Deimos. This change accidently occurred when changing Garv’s Armor value as they use the same back end. As reported here!
  • Fixed Wyrm Residue not surviving a Host migration.
  • Fixed inability to Trade "Trapezium Xenorhast" and "Cabochon Embolos". 
  • Fixed Xaku's base slow of The Vast Untime being 50% instead of intended 15% at Level 2. As reported here!
  • Fixed ragdolling enemies not taking additional Slash Status from being hit while debuffed by Garuda’s Seeking Talons.
  • Fixed enemies able to apply hostile Status Effects through Mag’s “held” variant of Magnetize despite the projectiles never actually reaching you.
  • Fixed ability to purchase multiple unnecessary copies of the Helminth Segment.
  • Fixed Deimos Carnis and Deimos Carnis Rex not awarding kill Affinity.
  • Fixed the Isolation Bounty objective not properly updating upon the second Vault's completion.
  • Fixed Isolation Vault Esophage waypoint lingering after having left the Vault.
  • Fixed stacking Deimos Saxum FX for Clients - should be easier to see around these boys now!
  • Fixed missing Phaedra Magazine when used as a Heavy Heaven.
  • Fixed Ivara’s Concentrated Arrow Augment not disabling Multishot when used in the Simulacrum or viewed in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed another case of Deimos Bounty Bonus objective UI appearing in a different language. As reported here!
  • Fixed Nora Night Transmission having too much visual noise.
  • Fixed a script error when leaving Cambion Drift while Infested Drop Pod reinforcements encounter activates.

That's actually cool of ya, it makes Deimos less of a annoying chore. Thank you! =)
Could you guys also fix the broken Duality Augment AI on Equinox? It can no longer shoot guns after deimos, although it aims and reloads.

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fix auto-exposure for brightness it´s very often blindingly bright and sometimes it makes scenes to dark - it also see to allways remove bright and/or dark details.

A simple turn on/switch would be good

a lot of people have difficulties with the new extreme brightness that results from this rather bad brightness flactuations


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  • Fixed Client Necramech’s not retaining their gained XP if you left the Necramech before you entered the gate/area to return to Town 

tested and got back into the warframe on purpose at the end of a mission and saw a tick up of the frame and weapon affinity indicating that it's working however, during the mission itself if you access the 'mission progress' screen it does not show any progress and if you select 'last mission results' after the mission you just get a blank screen. So I'm optimistic that actual progression has been fixed and hoping there are just UI issues to fix.

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thanks for the fix, but please for the love of god do something for the Helminth's bill category (or all of them), many ressources cost WAY TOO HIGH. I don't know what you smoked but NO ONE PLAY RAILJACK FOR RESSOURCES, Railjack is not fun at all. Why we CAN'T use a #*!%ton of useless ressources ? why we can't use Kuva ?
I thought it was stated in the post we could use all our ressources, why we CAN'T ?

Edited by Aisu9
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``Fixed the Isolation Bounty objective not properly updating upon the second Vault's completion. ``
Can you also fix having to jump/move into the vault several times for most players. When trying to enter the opened vault it is keeps acting like you're jumping off the map.

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23 minutes ago, kxZyle said:

This needs to work on the conservation animals themselves at the very least. Other suggestions from this reddit post would be worth looking at, as well:


Please make a tranq that works at least a little like the mining one. At minimum make the way the beeping works mirror the mining laser. Could even be an upgraded one that you have to buy from Son  or something. 

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32 minutes ago, kuryux said:

DE, plz consider working on the following issues:

- Subsequent vault bounties often not being t2 and t3 as expected
- Missleading waypoints/loc-pins
- Amps self knockdown
- No mod upgrade screen for mechs
- Mechs not appearing on mission result nor profile
- If we have fetch/vacuum equipped, it should apply to mechs too
- A way to check cycles BEFORE entering HoD
- Scintillants spawns (or lack there of) fixed! noice, gj

Vault Bounty T2 and T3 often don't show up after completing T1 it instead shows the already open T1 vault please fix

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36 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Deimos Swarm Support Pack Addition:

Hi, DE ...
Since the day of Tennocon, I've been making PLs just to buy these cosmetics and the Hydroid deluxe skin ...
But there were two setbacks ...
1 ° - Cosmetics were placed in this SuportPack
2 ° - The Hydroid Skin Deluxe arrived incomplete, without its Ephemeral Fish.
I'm a little bit sad
I wish we had Ephemera, at least ...

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vor 20 Minuten schrieb Yronwizard:

Warframe is more Processor heavy than GPU, this could change when DirectX 12 arrive

It may well use more than the 10% it does currently. An RTX2060 on an 8-core cpu should be able to do more than 20 fps. Like the 100+ it did a few days ago.

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