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Orokin Derelict Random Crashs


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I have been playing the derelict missions mostly for corrupted mods, and I have experienced random crashing for what seems to be no reason whatsoever.


It will crash at any point in the mission with no warning, it with simply freeze for a second or two and the game will crash and will not bring up the thing that asks what you how came about the crash most of the time.


This crashing has been happening sense the vaults were put in and it happened to me only a few minutes before I posted this. 


I really don't know why this is happening because my computer runs warframe at a high FPS.


Is this happening to anyone else? Is it my game settings? Is it my system?



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Well after playing three more missions and turning off multithreading everything seemed fine untill the 3ed mission. on the 3ed mission there was some loud sounds that happend randomly and just about a half a second after getting to extraction the game crashed in the same way as did before.


I'm going to play some more missions and put another post here on what I find.

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I think I know what it is.  And you're not going to believe it.


I've been crashing like a mother all night tonight.  And a friend I was playing with figured it out.


On derelict missions at least, if a client in the game has reflection equipped (the mod that makes damage reflect back when you block) and reflects the laser traps it will crash the host.  He crashed me repeatedly, then I tested on him and crashed him the same way.  He suspects that it crashed once when he blocked against an exploding infected.

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