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Cortege Performance Issues

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Once Cortege fires it's Alt Fire, the weapon enters a "lockdown" state for five seconds. In this state, it cannot be fired, it cannot be reloaded, and it's remaining ammo disappears from HUD.

This happened every time I used the weapons so far with my Warframe.

It's the only weapon that does this that I know off, so I assume it is a bug.

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32 minutes ago, (PS4)Schakal_Writhe said:

Both Deimos archguns have the same issue, so it’s not a bug related to Cortege.

Not actually a bug, most likely, but rather a weird design decision. Hinders the flow for no good reason; let’s hope a tiny rework gets rid of it.

I don't have this problem on Mausolon at all, or rather, the delay there is so much shorter it's barely noticeable.

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