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Fang Prime Replica


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hey guys, just a little side project this time. i started today on the fang prime, and just wanted to show you guys what i'm working on.

i'm using the same materials as before, + a new one!!


- 8 mm MDF wood

- a Dremel with multiple tools

- Sandpapers P80 to P600

- Bondo, and Resin (and Rondo)

- and the new one is Clay


the clay i will be using is just standart river clay wich will harden in the air. i'm going to use this as a metrial to sculpt the details on the fang prime. after it has hardened i am going to make a latex mold of it so i can may polyester castings out of it.

the next step is painting them, and voilla your dual wield Fang Prime is done!


anyhow pictures after day 1:








i hope you guys like the result so far, it's hard to live up to the glaive i have done, but i'm trying my best to improve myself. for now, Arkyhead out!

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hey guys, so i had a day off today and worked a bit on the fangs!


i carved the blade, and added the first layer of clay for the detailing. hope you guys like where this is going!


it isn't much of material today, sorry about that. but i was working with some filthy clay fingers so i'm not taking pictures with every step on this.






i hope i can make a mold of it this weekend, and get to work with the polyester version of it and paint it.

for now, Arkyhead signing off..

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so a quick morning update.. i walked in on the fang today to check up how the clay hardened. and from now on.. screw clay!




as you can see it totally cracked up. so be patient as i have to clean the model, sand it, and after that i just going to clay again.. but only with polyester with vibers this time, wich only hardens in 20 minutes. 

stay tuned, i'll be updating this as soon as possible.

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so i located the problem with the clay! the problem is not the clay, but the MDF wood. i just remembered that mdf wood needs allot of paint to cover the structure of the wood. 

the reason for it is that mdf acts like some sort of desert towards water. it sucks it all up. so the clay i putted on it got sucked dry over the past night. this happened so rapidly the clay just simply cracked.

now my partner mentioned he had some better primer for woodworking. it acts like a thin layer of bondo, wich can be sanded. so i might try this tomorrow, and then clay it again to see what happens.

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quick update,


i cleaned up the fang, and we putted some filling primer on it. this gives the fang a sealing coat so the wood can't suck up any water.

after we did this, i did my second atempt at claying it. let's keep our fingers crossed!





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I'll keep track of this thread, might give me some ideas. I want a Dual Zoren replica so bad.

might be a idea to do :D

i want to do more of these. i like to make them :D

so far i had the scindo, and the orthos in my head as wel, besides mellee weapons are quicker to make than a riffle

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I dont think he gets it... you dont make something like a weapon out of clay... dude really, its gonna crack and break... and i will laugh...

maybe you don't get it, and are easily entertained. the clay is a experiment. as we are building with fiberglass, and bondo right now.

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