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Mag Prime Polarization



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Oh man thats all broken


1. Shield Polarize is awesome

2. Crush isnt

3. +armor is pointless

4. Max efficiency is awesome with Focus as an afterthought. Try out Rank 2 Blind Rage, Max Streamline and Focus, will get you a 6.5 energy pull, and Shield Pol becomes efficient enough to use to restore your own shields whenever you want.

5. Equilibrium is... meh. You shouldnt be taking health damage anyways - hell you shouldnt be taking any damage when you can faceplant enemies as often as you want and restore your shields.

6. +Range is extremely useful.


My Mag build, no Formas;


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I like using crush because it does okay damage and it has a nice CC time which makes it easier for allies to revive people who need it. I can try your build out and see how that works. I need to go hunting for focus, streamling and flow lol


Pull does a pretty good job of knocking mobs on their butt (which is where the main CC of crush comes from -- ragdoll).  You can just Pull the whole room while an ally rezzes.

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