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Warframe Abilities Rework Suggestion: If I Made Them This Is What I'd Do


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I never like making these kinds of posts being all like "I play Warframe so make it exactly how I want it" but I feel slightly justified in this regard because it seems nearly half the abilities in the game are either partially or completely useless, even turning entire frames into worthlessness. So I spent a few minutes considering how I would change certain abilities, ignoring programming and computing limitations, and this is what I came up with. I tried to keep from using exact numbers and using more ambiguous terms such as slight increase (+10%-50%) and significant increase (+100%-400%)


Each suggestion is short, but should be clear enough to get the point across. Positive and negative feedback are both welcome.



Shuriken: Allow mobile casting (Don't restrict movement during cast time, Example: make it more like vauban's abilities)
Smoke Screen: Apply invisibility to all teammates/allies/sentinels nearby similar to how volt's speed buff or rhino's damage buff works
Teleport: Allow teleportation to target any area/surface similar to nova's wormhole destination targeting
Blade Storm: (Maybe?) Rather than giving a cinematic view of each murder sequentially, allow ash to split into multiple Ash's to execute each enemy simultaneously


Sonic Boom: (Maybe?) Buff damage slightly
Sonar: Fine as it is, radar could be made more accurate if possible
Silence: Maybe with stealth becoming viable in the future, this will be more useful as it is, but even so, I would like this to effect all enemies, rather than just a select bunch in an aoe so it won't need to be repeatedly cast (make it more of a player modifier than an enemy modifier)
Sound Quake: Could use an armor ignore or damage buff as it feels sort of weak, its decent as an impedance to enemies, but even better is if you just...  y'know...  killed them...  like most all other ults.


Fireball: have it work more as an explosive lobbed with an arc rather than a slow moving, single target fireball (and more damage wouldn't hurt) + Allow mobile casting
Overheat: Change ability duration to be damage based rather than time based similar to rhino's iron skin, only allow it to reflect damage back at attackers as fire damage rather than its current radius of fire damage
Fire Blast: Allow it to deal damage anywhere within the circle, Its kinda annoying to have to pinpoint enemies right on the circle's edge for damage
World On Fire: Fine as it is (More damage? Some kind of de-buff on affected enemies? idk)

Excalibur: Hes talked of being a melee type of frame, but his abilities only seem to imitate melee rather than enhance/benefit from melee

Slash Dash: (maybe?) Enemies hit take damage based on the melee weapon's regular attack damage amount multiplied depending on mod level (all mod effects/crits?/elementals/etc take effect as well)
Radial Blind: Enemies who are blinded take significantly more melee damage
Super Jump: Ground pound melee attacks get significantly larger aoe and damage when coming down super jump (cause that sounds kinda awesome)
Radial Javelin: (maybe?) Has same effect as proposed slash dash effect, only applying charged attack damage rather than regular attack damage (Galantine = 25k+ hits?)


Freeze: Works as a small aoe rather than single target (and more damage?) Frozen targets do not break free after health damage, but more damage reduces freeze time + Allow mobile casting
Ice Wave: Change to be a persistent area of continuous damage and slowing effect
Snow Globe: Fine as it is
Avalanche: Freezes enemies for a duration after the damage for a similar effect to rhino stomp (of immobilizing enemies), only lasting longer and like Freeze, being reduced by damage


Decoy: Allow mobile casting (and maybe have the decoy detonate when it expires for extra damage to enemies (damage depending on how long it is up?))
Invisibility: Let it affect your own sentinel (plz) + Allow mobile casting
Switch Teleport: Radially stun and deal slight damage to any enemies you teleport near and (maybe) melee damage buff for short amount of time
Radial Disarm: Fine as it is? (kind of a weird ability, I rarely use it/see it used, but I have no idea what would make it better)

Mag: Mag was recently made awesome so not much should change for her

Pull: Allow mobile casting
Shield Polarize: (Maybe?) Let it regenerate your own shields
Bullet Attractor: buff volatile explosion damage
Crush: Any surviving enemies' have their speed and/or damage halved

Nekros: Nekros is my least played frame so I don't know how I would change him if at all

Soul punch: Make targeting a bit more forgiving (for all target based spells while we're at it) + Allow mobile casting
Terrify: Reduce enemies' movement speed by half so they don't run too far away and you can still kill them
Desecrate: (Maybe?) Corpses tend to disappear too fast so have it affect living enemies and apply desecrate to them when they die if they die within the ability's duration (Loses effect on enemies after about 4-10 seconds at max level)
Shadows of the dead: Buff summoned enemies' damage (and health) significantly (sick of just watching 2 grineer soldiers shoot at each other for the entire duration with neither losing much health)

Nova: Shes nearly perfect :D

Null Star: Allow mobile casting
Antimatter Drop: Fine as it is (I'd prefer not to be able to steer it but that's probably just me, kind of annoying to fire it at enemies and turn away to fight other enemies and have the drop run into a wall and kill no one (Keep its slow down though), also it's difficult to control when dealing with lag)
Worm Hole: Fine as it is
Molecular Prime: Only ability I feel is too powerful, maybe remove slow down and double enemies' damage while under the effects to create some sort of risk for using it


Mind Control: Buff target's damage significantly (3x at max level? 5x? 7x?, otherwise, chaos will always outshine Mind Control) + Allow mobile casting
Psychic bolts: Disable geometry collision + Allow mobile casting + (Maybe?)Apply damage instantly (idk what the delay is for, apply a de-buff during the delay instead?)
Chaos: Fine as it is
Absorbtion: Increase aoe (along with damage) depending on how much damage is absorbed, capping at a reasonable amount on par with other ults


Rhino Charge: (Maybe?) make the charge affect a wider area around rhino
Iron Skin: Fine as it is (I thought about if armor rating affected iron skin, but that feels a bit too powerful)
Roar: Fine as it is
Rhino Stomp: Fine as it is


Venom: Rather than its current effect, have the spore simply apply a poison gas cloud around either where it lands or on the enemy constantly poisoning nearby enemies (like shooting a tiny toxic ancient at something) + Allow Mobile Casting
Molt: Give the clone a poison cloud around it
Contagion: Rather than a time duration, give it a certain amount of enemies to affect before ending + Allow Mobile Casting
Miasma: Its effect seems kind of weird, but it should apply a large radius where any enemies within it take constant damage, half the time it seems to instantly kill everything or only apply its dot to enemies within the radius during cast. (From what I believe, I think it used to work like just a giant poison cloud, but I don't know for sure, it should work like a giant poison cloud)


Well of Life: rather than affecting an enemy, have it work as a life steal buff for the caster and nearby teammates,giving health when injured, then shields when health is full.
Energy Vampire: Have effect work identical to Well of Life, only for energy and don't let it affect caster (prevent it from creating infinite energy)
Link: Buff reflected damage (last time I tried it, it did very little damage, but to be fair, it was mid level grineer so feedback is welcome)
Blessing: Fine as it is (make visual effect more obvious)

Vauban: Hes also nearly perfect

Tesla: Fine as it is
Bounce: Fine as it is (Make easier to see)
Bastille: Fine as it is
Vortex: (Maybe?) Increase aoe and damage dealt


Shock: Buff damage and stun enemies on hit + Allow Mobile Casting
Speed: Increase move speed even more and significantly increase knockdown recovery rate (sick of wasting half the duration of the ability on my butt because some ancient healers or grineer shield guys won't stop knocking me down (or maybe its the game telling me I shouldn't rush missions))
Electric Shield: change its shape to a globe to act as more of an alternative to Frost's Snow Globe (Rename to Electric Orb?)
Comparison to Snow Globe: Electric shield has slightly less duration, does not slow down enemies, allows friendly fire both directions and blocks enemy fire both directions, and buffs damage passing through shield
Overload: (Maybe?) Change ability to a massive chain lightning that does base damage to first target, then splits to multiple targets that were not hit yet and keep chaining to targets as long as there are targets within range + deals more damage for each target down the line.

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Uh, please, Excalibur is fine


Because I don't want it to be my endless quest to get the most OP melee weapon in game just to give him more power for Slash Dash and Radial Javelin


Superjump solution: Heavy Impact


Radial Blind: Doesn't this already give a guaranteed crit chance for any attack on a blinded enemy? Like Loki's and Ash's invisibility?

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