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Alt Ability For Ash - Smoke Bomb


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Just got into playing Ash again, I and love just using Smokescreen and Teleport, zipping around the battlefield causing havok. I never use Shuriken and hardly ever use Bladestorm as that is what I'm doing anyway.


After watching the last livestream, where they mentioned alt abilities possible in the future, I would like to suggest an alt ability for Shuriken - Smoke Bomb. Basically all it does is stagger enemies in the same way that Smokescreen does when you trigger the ability.


It would be nice to be able to do it again when invisible, especially with higher level mobs. There you are hacking away at the poor souls, and your start to get overwhelmed, would be nice to drop a smoke bomb to stagger them so that you can either pull back or continue chopping them up.


It would fit with his playstyle and theme nicely.

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