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Suggestion Make Abilities More Viable (I Wish I Had Pics, But No)


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Hello everyone!


I prepared a wall of text to give some suggestions about how DE could change a lot of things in the current ability system to make it more balanced, flexible, fun and to bring some more depth to each Warframe and how you decide to complete the objectives... but yeah I know dude, this is just like... my opinion man!


Keep in mind that I'm little experienced in Warframe, I'm close to rank 5, I own Mag, Ash, Frost Prime, Nyx and Banshee, my max level in a defense was +-35 and +-40 for survival. It might not be accurate, but it's just to give you an idea of what I've done so far).


In general these are the main topics I'm going to talk about (TL;DR):


- Warframes could have more than 4 abilities.

- All abilities could have some synergy when interacting.

- Abilities could scale with enemy level to make them more viable late game.

- This is not a "buff" to abilities, the game should be a hard challenge

- It's an idea, not a solution.





Every warframe is related to one theme and has 4 different abilities, but in some cases, they are (or seem) pretty useless, I'll use Mag as an example, and please correct me if I'm wrong... but shield polarize doesn't seem to have a realistic puspose during the game, or at least compared to Pull and the way you can spam. I simply don't use it. The same goes for Freeze and Ice Wave or frost, what really matters is the snow globe to protect the pod...


It is a poor design solution when there are abilities that are not used in the game, they were designed and implemented but not used... what's wrong? Every ability should have it's purpose, but then it gets weird that you have -four- abilities that have a purpose of the same level. I'd say, increase the number of abilities you can choose from, make each one of them useful and maybe even necessary in different games. This means that some abilities were NOT GOOT for... Exterminate, but amazing for Defense (Let's say Snow Globe?), you'd rather take something to increase mobility.


Well, I could go on and on, but let's imagine that you have 8 ability mods for every warframe, and each one of those abilities could be designed around these:


- Area of effect damage.

- Area of effect snare.

- Cone damage.

- Straight line stun.

- Area of effect slow.

- Small area of effect heavy damage.

- Area of effect buff.

- Area of effect debuff.

- etc.


I think you get the idea, and of course, most of the current abilities fit in some of these categories. Let me give you one possible example for Mag:


- Mag focus a strong magnetic field in an area that lasts for 20 seconds, every enemy inside the area (large area let's assume) is slowed by 50%. Every 5 seconds the magnetic field that sends a pulse that damages every enemy inside for x damage.



Now Mag could have its own AoE crowd control effect that deals damage over time. This could create new playstyles for this warframe. I could try to be more careful with the numbers I suggested to keep it balanced, but I'd like to focus more on the concept for now.



So, now let's say that there is interaction between Warframe's abilities, I'll use Mag's ability that I just invented again:



- When <Ember's ability that does AoE fire damage over time> intersects with Mag's ability, the heat from Ember's ability will, dealing extra damage to enemies inside the intersection.



Ability interaction could modify it's effects, mixing elements to generate an extra effect. Frost's abilities could interact with Volt's abilities (water/ice + electricity? yeah?), Nyx's abilities could interact with Loki's and Ash's invisibility (Mind controled enemies get more damage from invisible Warframes?).





A small note about the damage, I seriously think that abilities should scale to higher levels to be viable, damaging abilities being viable, not only crowd control! - I'm not asking to make the game easy, as I said, it should be a challenge. But let's say that there's a direct proportion between the enemy rank and the damage added to your abilities:


- Mag's pull deals 300 damage (max rank) + 100% of enemy level. Fighting against level 30 enemies, it would deal 330 damage, while fighting against level 110 enemies, it would deal 410 damage.


OR..... something else. But making it scale with enemy rank.




There are too many combations, I know it would be hell to design something like this, so, let's make it even worse:


Synergy might have its pros and cons, when it has a positive effect, they could also have a negative effect (but in most cases, I'd assume the synergy would make it better in the end).


- When my new Mag's ability interacts with <Ember's ability that does AoE fire damage over time>, it could deal more damage, but it would reduce the effect duration by 50%, lasting only 10 seconds.





This is all about a concept of how abilities could work, expecting a bigger variety of builds, however, keeping in mind the Warframe's purpose and theme, not giving the same tools to every warframe, keep them different, but each one of them more versatile, allowing players to create different play styles, adapting the abilities for the different challenges like Mobile Def, Defense, Exterminate, Survival, etc.






Now I'm sorry but my friend is waiting for me to pleh worfrehm!! I'd like to know what do you think about this and make a nice discussion about it.

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I love shield polarize. Ofc not so great against infested but mag in general isn't such a great idea vs them imo.


Get napalmed? Polarize


Shield osprey? Polarize


Reactor/system you're defending gets damaged? Polarize


bullet attractor on the other hand...only good for bosses. 

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