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Wich is better for defense Null star or devy without mods ?


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Nullstars defense only applies to health, it cant be recast before they all get used up and slowly run out.

Defy is 750 armor for the entire duration after 3s of invincibility.

I gotta give it to defy

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3 hours ago, (NSW)Reason said:

Depends also on the build. Null star DR scales with a certain stat, I think duration. So don't use it on frames that want low duration

Yeah, it also depends on range. 

The reason it works so well on Nova is that Nova doesn't need range. She usually runs negative range with Narrow Minded for max M Prime duration (which is it's real range stat) and because it actually makes Null Star a better DR ability. But the more range you have, the more likely your protective stars are to wander off and do ineffectual damage to the trash mobs around you. 

So unless one is running a frame with a negative range build and also as you said extremely high duration, it is not a great choice. It's also not that great unless you bring the augment so you can recast your DR whenever you need. 

If someone is just wanting to slap some DR on any ol' build with no thought, Defy would probably be better.

But Radial Blind + Arcane Ultimatum would be EVEN better.

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