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Everyone says inaros needs a rework I think a buff would just be fine enough so that we including myself as an inaros player want to use his abilities rather then just weapons. His 3 should do way more damage least 1,500 on base and cost lest energy 75 is killing is a bit or his sandstorm should be like atlas land slide what we have on Melee weapons should increase the damage of the sandstorm and mod like power strength and rush should increase damage multiplier and speed multiplayer. Devour is just ok increase the sand shadows damage If you want the sand raiders from avatar to back you up I’d say scale damage to your personal gun mods so that th sand clones can dish out heavy damage and that way with pocket sand augment and sandstorm synergy will allow inaros to swarm field with them allow more cc and agro not just for himself but for whole team. One is fine for just quick finshers. His four is his best move but also least used the heal range is great and healing is great as well I use inaros as a healing tank he is supportive in many ways but his ultimate needs more. It needs the damage to kill swarms is enemies in case he doesn’t have energy for sandstorm. The scares need more damage again base 1,000 the scarebs should do more dance the longer they last or if somehow kills a target it makes more scarebs which would spread to ones with it alreatt day increasing damage even further and increases the healing pool for himself and teams 

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