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Helmet idea/request

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you know,I've always liked the helmet from Mag Ferro skin made by Master Noob,the only problem is...the Warframe,since it's not that popular and that good compared to other Warframes,it's a shame Mag and this skin is falling behind.

Now what I would like is,to see this helmet on another Warframe as well,I would specifically choose Excalibur,but I don't want to butcher the authors idea just like that,no,I want a similiar design,there is another helmet,in another game,I am talking about MS:Andromeda (adding a picture) , I believe if someone would combine these two into one,it would make something beautiful.

Also the animation from Ferro helmet could be changed ,since I am not asking just for another copypasta,now this is the idea,possibly my Tennogen request I would really like to see and purchase.



My brain was asking for this,so I was like "Let's give it a shot,make a Tennogen thread and see how it goes".... Thank you.



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