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[Spoiler alert!!] Is there another secret in necraloid's room?

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On 2020-09-07 at 6:31 AM, Culaio said:

Thats not necessarily the case, I would argue that infested has more to do with life then death, what is interesting, entities inside of void seem to have more to do with death, look at horse in duviri paradox trailer, it has skeletal appearance, of course you can say that it just looks that way, but the thing is that the rider on the horse also has skeletal appearance, you cant see it well in the trailer but if you look at concept art of the rider you can see bones in its body, bones fused with something else.

you can see its body in detail here:




DE has already told us that its a robotic dax

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1 hour ago, (XBOX)ShadowBlood89 said:

DE has already told us that its a robotic dax

where did they ? and what exactly they said ?

well it doesnt change the fact that there are human bones in its body, it has human rib cage, arms and legs bones and pelvis, though skull  seemed to be replaced by something high-techy, and  spine either also got replaced or is just covered by some kind of weird tech-y stuff

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