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Please Show Credits In The Mod Screen


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Modding can be expensive. Actually, it is expensive. Unfortunately, in the new UI, your status bar is pushed back when you click the Arsenal button. And when you hit the Mod screen, you would have to double check your credits first.


Maybe for those people who already have millions upon millions of credits, it's okay. But for thrifty people or for those who are saving up for that gun or foundry item, it matters to see how much they can spend on mods. It's really tiring to finally get a mod you've been looking for finally after weeks of farming, then having to check back and forth if you have the required credits to mod it to a rank that you need it to be.





I think this belongs to the UI Feedback forum. Sorry.

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It really burns out your credits, really. And now that void runs don't shell out that much creds anymore, the more thrifty players are now these days. Before, I could get a 100k from some few runs in the void, but now getting creds are feeling kinda grindy too. Anyways, we need to see our creds in the mod screen since we not only fuse, we also transmute and sell them.

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Before the UI change, you actually could see your bank balance while in the mod screen.


+1 for having it back. I miss being able to tell whether I can afford this particular Serration upgrade.


Oh god yes! I need to have multiple instances of shotgun and rifle mods due to sentinels. It's weird though that you can still share sidearm mods with sentinels. Either way, we now have RARE mods that are rank 10, imagine the creds to max those out.

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