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Two Issues, Need Input From The Community


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Firstly, my alias is Semre Tunare.

I tried to join a Clan and was not able to, because the person sending me the invite told me he could not send it out to me because the game would not recognize the space in my name.

I also did not use an ASCII character to put in the space.


Secondly, I cannot connect to global or LFG chat.

I sent DE a support ticket and that led nowhere. I played the game 3 weeks ago and in two days it worked out fine.

I checked all my Firewall settings, no problem there, even used mIRC and my Firewall allowed it.

Last suggestion they had was that my ISP was blocking Warframe, which is a ridiculous suggestion, because 1: I was able to see the chat before, and 2: the same thing happens when I played it at two different friends places, each with an ISP different than mine.


I would appreciate any input the community has, as well as a way to get around the name issue and not being able to receive a Clan invite.



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Tell him to type Semre_Tunare.


For the rest, I have no idea.


More stuff: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_vista-networking/cannot-send-email-error-message-is-socket-error/a424e146-1a2f-4133-80d5-db98f08f5421


Found that, seems sort of related?

Putting the underscore did not work.

I might contact my ISP, but it not being an issue my first two days and also it not working on three different ISPs throws a wrench at that theory.

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